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Let Em Know

Aug 06 2009 | BPM: 70 | Producer: Smoke
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18 Feedback

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Wicked electric guitar chugs, dark pads and synths, and evil pianos and bells over fast paced, double tempo 808 drums.

Moods: Dark, Frantic

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18 Feedback to “Let Em Know”

  1. вскрыть дверной замок

  2. Well dont worry about making anything to this this beats already been taken care of.

    @lyr1x, that shits fire man. kinda remind me of my boy Kilo from Cryme Rate.

    @lyr1x, usig a microphone,pressing record,and rapping into it isn’t music…..
    it requires things like mixing, editing,dubbing, wow you didn’t even dub your music….


    @carnie_natas, are you a for real carny?

    @carnie_natas, and dude at least im comin with somthing different wit my music and u can undertand me, i jus heard ur stuff.. its really really not good son

    @carnie_natas, haha dude u dont gotta dub everything homie.

  3. ok man, được
    I’m live in Việt Nam

  4. Straight banger homie. good job on this beat…. much respect 1ne’o0

  5. Najlepszy :D

  6. man…you are the beast….you make good beats……..

  7. da hook: GET ON MAH LEVEL………..papap GET ON MAH LEVEL n stop hatin!!!!!

  8. man im writing to this beat right now its flame if everyone like the song im a lease it!!

  9. yea man this beat is tight man 5/5

  10. Papapa whoever the hell you is stop hatin on smoke, This beat is dope you dont have any taste in music at all.

  11. This dude barely ever makes beats and when he does there so terrible like wow he shud get kicked off


  13. this joint is HOT!

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