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Lost Without You

Aug 11 2009 | BPM: 81 | Producer: Slantize
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163 Feedback

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Heartfelt, emotional choir and string pads with violins, pianos, and guitars over a steady drum beat and deep bass progression.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad

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163 Feedback to “Lost Without You”

  1. Error 523 origin is unreachable

  2. Can someone please send me this beat? I’ve got some other beats which are unavailable so maybe we can make a change? Thank you anyway ;)

  3. sorry, here is the right link

  4. Check my version. I kept the title, but in french: “perdu sans toi”

  5. Hi man! Its very, very, very nice! Please, Please could you send it to me at mail david.seda@ I would greatly threw the mixtape.

  6. Hellou man! It would be very nice if you could send me to my e-mail this beat?! Thank u sir.

  7. I like this kind of beat , it´s awesome . Could i use it for my track , single ? You could send it on my email adresse or we can deal about it .?

  8. me mad about it…..yaaaaaaaaaa

  9. G9!

  10. If I buy this song and use it, wont I get trouble with the vocals and voice in it? Since the real artist who is singing in it alrdy gave out this album? Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You. I wont get trouble with the copywright?

  11. dag son all your beats are unavailble! this goes hard

  12. dude…….epic!

  13. Yo stop playing Dawg,,,,, put dis jawn out for ya boi mane. i mite buy dis jawn.

  14. fuck why is unavalible :((((

  15. check out my version, thank you Slantize for the amazing instrumental dang

  16. How to get this amazing beat???

  17. is it possible ???

  18. is it even posible to get this beat?


  20. men i want to record with this beat!! can you send it to me??

  21. This is what you do to a beat like this!

    Warning: Haters expected.

  22. I want this beat,

  23. i need this beat please send him to me! and add me!

    thank you very much!

  24. ambkor-si tu me das la espalda ;)
    haha :) nice bro

  25. Slantize, thanks for this wonderful music! I hope I will hear it someday by a worthy rapper. You are the real thing here in Shadowville. Peace!

  26. This was made on my moms b-day.shits amazing.

  27. GOOD JOB

  28. i have dis beat and will send it to who ever sends me da beat for “what is life” sort of a trade lol one unavailable song for another.

  29. gah i want this beat

  30. This beat is sick man! So SICK! please please can u send it?

  31. aaaaaaah MMMMMMMy heart

  32. Check out how i used this beat, love some listeners

  33. please man >>> i loved this beat and i need you to put the link so i can 2 download it
    ..please ..

  34. please man >>> i loved this beat and i need you to put the link ..please ..

  35. you r the best man

  36. where can i download it???please put a link,thank you from germany??? :)

  37. this is voice is incredibile , i love it

  38. WOW , it´s very beautiful
    and i need this beat
    please .. can everyone send me this beat ???


  40. :):)

  41. bir tanesin ya beat :D

  42. helal olsn :D

  43. Looooooooooooooooove the beat and chorus :D 110/100 man

  44. goood yeah :)

  45. goood ,man

  46. Çok güzel işte ya :d

  47. -_, just so so?

  48. mother fucker why cant I download it !?!?!?!?!

  49. harika ötesi valla :)

  50. güzel güzl

  51. Right into your heard Lalala love it :$

  52. ma this is the best beat a ever heard…….

  53. Another Masterpiece

  54. Awesome beat slantize. just one question to the shadowvillians and maybe you slantize if you read this. if you do the free download for the beat and somebody buys the license… are you now longer allowed to you use that beat for commercial free use and be forced to delete it….or can i still use it for commercial free with no worries.

    yep i guess so ..!

  55. Why cant i download this beat? is it too good or somethin?

  56. Daaaaaaaaaaamn!!! this is the sickest beat ever heard man respect !!respect!!
    soooo baaaad its already been bought

  57. with what program you produce the beats?

  58. dinle dinle bıkmıyom la ne güzel beat :)

  59. çok gzel very goodd slantize :)

  60. I need a beat like that … not the same cuz since is all about originality i’m not looking for a copy cat since it have already been “exclusively sold” … but if you make an inspiring song better than that one i’m buying the exclusive rights right away

  61. Sick beat son….i want ta knw if u have sme beats with hooks in it….holla

  62. very nice…love the chorus…very well made beat

  63. I just finished lyrics to this beat, its gonna be fire!!! keep doin your thing man, i’m feelin it

    @beezybaby720, can u please send me this beat i already had this beat but i sent my computer to best buy to fix my screen but they replaced my hard drive and i never recorded the song i had for it please man

  64. hey man excuse me can i ask you???can you make one more beat like this that in the chorus is message that is the key of the song….and beautiful like this tnx…

  65. yo, thankx SLANTIZE…i wuz really feelin tha beat ‘n’ shit, jus did’nt wanna do a song too it without knowin da lyrics first…so ThAnkX CuhZz..

  66. Slant, you killed these beat.
    It was the PERFECT effect I needed for my “Ten. Two. Zero Six.” song.

  67. 10/10

  68. hi men so good.

  69. Respect… This one right here turns me up … i love this beat

  70. SHUT OUT FROM KIEV, UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WILL USE IT!!!!!!!!!!IF YOU DONT MIND FOR MY MIXTAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Can I use this base to one of my songs please?
    I ask please = (contact me: thank1s !

  72. Damn, really the best beat I’ve heard on shadowville. Usualy I rarely comment but this one really deserves it, great beat man It’s so full of emotions and then that third verse, damn.. so simple and yet so strong plus the chorus is simply beautifull, keep it up.

  73. hey slantiz…your beats are really amazing…but ı wanna know that which program are you making this beats?…H.O.S.T Alliance is a rep group in Azerbaijan and they usually use your beats…H.O.S.T Alliance….. Garagan-Gısagapanma are Garagan’s new album..

  74. Speech Less

  75. ————

  76. والله صرااااحه اللحن مره ابداااااااااااااااااااااع

  77. this is beat is very good ,

  78. yo this is the shit……..

  79. i love this beat, im spittin hot lyrics emotional on this beat

  80. I have to drop another comment on this beat its too sick!….

  81. Spit 2 verses over it, check it out !

  82. man since this beat came out. ive wrote over ten different verses trying to reach perfection..almost done

  83. hej Slantize good job.
    I want to take that music but i want that without chorus refren
    i want only the melody without voice.
    i want to bye that.
    can you give me without chorus o no????Send me a mesagge…!

  84. yo man this is to sick

  85. Good man, people in the Czech Republic loves it!

  86. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  87. i Love this beat i heard it and it moved my soul, my dads really sick and not sure how much time he has left n this fit exactly what i been tryna write about, thanks man AMAZING!

  88. güzel

  89. really nice beat man!

  90. nice nice u’re the best

  91. dam this beats hot yo check out wat i did wit it tell me wat ya think btw i owe you this beat and my lyrics got my girl back thanks slant i owe you one check out the song its still called “lost without you” tell me wat yall think

  92. great work Slant !!

  93. the chorcus is from the song lost without you this is a mixtape VERY GOOD!


  95. this beat right here is the shyt! I wrote rhymes to this beat and it saved my relationship.
    thanks…good hook too!


  96. (Y)

  97. its a great beat and i really wanted to use it till i heard the chorus… not saying the chorus is bad or anything but i wanna do the chorus by myself… it possible if u can take out the singing from the chorus?

    chec my space and tellme something about my music

  99. yow man you’re the best this beat is heart

  100. yeea man luv tha shit!

  101. hey put sumthin ruff down on tha track
    if u wana chek it out link below



  102. Lovin it all the way through 10/10

  103. I just try to figure out how huuuuuge this thing is… but its really hard.
    Perfect work man… PERFECT

  104. This is Why Slantz Always Ben My Fav on This Site , Always Making Hits Thats Ranking The Top Charts. GReaTTt

  105. This beat is incredible !!! Niice work Slantize ;)

  106. fantastic
    probz bro

  107. lol hey… aint that a old school brittney spears cut?!?

  108. savage beat

  109. yo get at me if anybody wanna get down on some collab’s peep my myspace and the people on my top 8 if you like any of out styles we down to keep it 100. BACA

  110. it’s so beautiful!!! i love it!!

  111. amazing chorus man… killin it as always but i cant rap over it the beat is too mellow

  112. Thiiiis beat Is So fuckin amaziiiiiiingggg Good Work Slan

  113. Damn it it this fu**ing hot s*it… i became tears in my eys because it is the perfect *vergiv me song* for my ex girlfriend .. thx

  114. give slantize credits hes the best

  115. Check my Verses on this beat:

  116. oh wow…. the bassline is so hypnotizing

  117. this is AWESOME

  118. dk shoptop nigga | Aug 16, 2009
    all my songs are from shadowville except feel it by ruthless check it out and gimme tha feedback

    omg u use ur mic on ur computer or somthing?

  119. its a remix but its still good

    all my songs are from shadowville except feel it by ruthless check it out and gimme tha feedback

  121. yo man good job on this beat its fuking sik bro…the chorus is like the best chorus ive heard man..yo just wonderin who sings that chorus or where did u get it from????

  122. yo man good job on this beat its fuking sik bro…the chorus is like the chorus ive heard man..yo just wonderin who sings that chorus or where did u get it from????

  123. Finished my hot track to this beat, listen!

  124. damn I definetly can do the best with this beat be lookin out 4 it I’ll let ya’ll know what’s ^!! Nice beat it has the beauty of nothing I’ve ever known which is really friggin awesome but yo… I’ll keep ya’ll tuned in

  125. ear-gasm !

  126. goog good

  127. Wow Slant…. This is really good. Who wants to hold my hand while listening to this beat?

  128. yo slant…. good job!!! dis is one of your hottest beats everysince what is life and various others. you gotta gift for real. god bless and i hope you continue with your amazing gift!

  129. wow… keep doing what you do bruh. goodshit.

  130. Does it get any better than this? Fucking nice Delta Goodrem sample, Slantize! I’d love to hear more beats like this, you gotta keep it up!

  131. 10/10

  132. Some don’t like the hook, but clearly the hook makes the song as good as it is…God Bless

    777 Nathan 777

  133. yeah, you already know.

  134. I already Wrote To This Beautiful Song! Good Job Slant !

  135. I just wrote lyrics for such a beat, today. And it came from nowhere, like this beat. Feel like some mind connection to me :-). The beat, the feeling, the hook…all of it, mixed together…perfect work! Slantize…you made it again!

  136. IT’S OK

  137. nIcE one again slantize gud work… your beat is too great.,…keep up the gud work…_

  138. instantly my favorite slant joint

  139. The muther fucking shit. I digg it. Someone will skoop this one up and drop something ill to it, not me, but someone…5/5 thank you for keepin it tight. justice before peace, my brotha! yeah.

  140. HOLY SHIT! slantize has done it AGAIN! damnnnn your the best as these style beats

  141. God damnnnn !!! Slant’s the best` this shit is so fucked uppppp,i love it !!!

  142. Holy fuck! This beat has a #1 spot written all over it… Great job

  143. great fuckin beat man,iama mix it down an steal it cause iam the man like that,actually Iam stealin all yo beats

  144. …and now its the end its 4.5 lol

  145. I’ll def take that without the chorus….sounds dime but the chrs kind of killed it. good work though!!!

  146. Damn them guitars again lol. Hook is dope. I havent been here that long but from what i can remember this is the longest a beat has been 5 stars lol.

  147. some people say they prefer your dark beats.. but yo.. I LOVE ALL those beats with a singing chorus man.. it’s epic homes :P Songs like The Quiet Exit, Without You, Emotionless.. those songs are dope cause of the effect the chorus has.. so I’d like to see more of these type of beats homes :P
    keep up the epic work man

  148. Sounds alright until the hook drops in…then you find out how great this beat is. The hook does a great number to this. You need more like this. Excellente…


  149. hmm, the chorus is NOT east Coasish..Wrong Style, But Still I Love This Shit… The Beat Would Be Better Wihout The Girlish Voice.. But Its Good..

  150. # 1

  151. woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww !!! goood job man !! 2000\1000

  152. yo maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!

  153. shit…this beat is simply amazing…

  154. EXACTLY the kind of shit I was lookin’ for… The chorus and 3rd verse are definitely SICK !!!

  155. ya’ll know ima rip this, sick beat slantize 100/100!!!!!

  156. Slantize When Are You Guna Make Those REAl Dark Beats Again?
    Thats The Shit Dark Terrorfing Beats That Have a A Bad Ass Chorus.

  157. Not something I would rap over, but SUPER dope, the chorus is incredible.

    It’s already one of my favorites from you.

  158. Nice blend of instruments….but sampling Delta Goodrem..i dunno…thats a popular song

  159. holy fuck. the chorus came in and my spine shivered

  160. oh man, i really need to use this. great job slant, i love these beats

  161. The chorus says:

    All I know is i’m lost without you
    I’m not gonna lie
    How am I gonna be strong without you
    I need you by my side
    If we ever say we’d never be together
    In the end you wave goodbye
    Don’t know what I’d do
    I’m lost without you

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