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Mic Bust

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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31 Feedback

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Creepy and grimey high pitched pads with driving guitars and bass.

Moods: Dark

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31 Feedback to “Mic Bust”

  1. VOL 2 Feat many artist including never heard before Wu-tang tracks SPOTIFY

  2. hope**

  3. here’s what we did with this killer beat. Hoe you like it.

  4. Looool

  5. check out how i made the song, love some listeners

  6. YEa i thiink ur one of da best producers on here, cuz it’s original u kno! like an old school touch + da new im sik of all these vybe typa beats, the 90’s were where music was at its best! n def original…

  7. ^eric b. AND rakim

  8. sample is from the song “in the ghetto” by eric b. rakim

  9. who couldnt keep the stage-warm? il cover in stake-sauce
    my main-course, i break-jaws from there face-yall
    i spit the kinda heat from a flame-torch
    when u finish the game in a whole like an 8-ball
    competing with me? in retrospect i sever heads-from-necks
    who’s next-to-test to best-to-flex wit relentless-strength
    that may-cause the traffic on this track to compete
    like fuck that, im rollin over trucks like a skate-board
    my heads-in-a-maze, endin-my-raign? im sendin-the-braves
    neck-in-a-brace to a sedative-state,
    blessin-the-stage on the mic levitate when the verse-comes
    to burn-punks break em away, now who’s hating-me-now?
    hypnotically captivating the crowds, i spit illusions
    in flames-from-my-mouth takin-you-out waitin-to-pounce
    with raw-verses in me of short-sermons that enthral-survents
    to cause-murder on small-vermon or fall-burnin


  10. “The ruff gets going, the going gets ruff”
    “When I start flowin, the mic might bust”
    “Make way.. coz here i come”

  11. yo wuts this hook sayin.

  12. yo ill battle any one on this site hit me up 12162565070.

  13. alex I agree with you and my opinion was that I think what dadhurt said was gay. Respect my opinion lol! naw but for real I love the dark and sad beats what ever you want to call them. I like that style and I can’t get enough of it so of course what dad hurt said was lame to me. I like happy beats and stuff but I prefer that hard shit those underground sounding beats. Keep Them Coming!! Hala that’s a sick beat and 2deep drop some more underground shit

  14. go to
    all of the beats are from shadowville except Feel It feat Ruthless
    so check it out and give me feedback

  15. yeah it is true theres so much dark and sad beats in here
    but their sick tho!

    then again i dont want dark and sad beats over filling shadowville

    anyways what does the hook say?
    somthing about mic bust

    btw 5/5

  16. Sick 5/5.

  17. why are halas beats so underrated? for real… this shits raw as fuck. 10/10 i can hear some old school house of krazees on this shit.. DOPE

  18. lmao thats awesome.. was that james bond i heard a little of?

  19. hey where did u get this sample from?

    @MurrmDizz, i know some parts are from golden eye 007

  20. Don’t diss someone’s opinion, and don’t diss someone for dissing your opinion…It makes all of you look like imbeciles imo…At any rate, this is a great instrumental, major props to you Hala, this is probably one of my favorites from you.


  21. no wicked_01 where isz it? up bombthesystems ass?

  22. to dadhurt1996: If you want some more happy tunes i recommend checking the Will.I.Am section… Can u find it?

  23. dad hurt what you said was gay.

  24. Hala! 5/5.

  25. beat is great

  26. if someone can write to me ref lyrics

  27. raw shit right here!

  28. I think there isz to much sad, dark nd angry music on here i think yall to come up witt some more joyfull ish… Im not sayin its not good though

  29. Dope!

  30. Hala’s back with new dope !!! Too good ;x u’re the best

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