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I Get It Raw

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 78 | Producer: hala-X
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24 Feedback

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Heavy and hard rock guitar and staccato synth string beat with a real hyped, pumped up feeling.

Moods: Angry, Epic, Frantic
Genres: East Coast

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24 Feedback to “I Get It Raw”

  1. Could someone tell me from which song the beginning is?

    can’t speak english very well,,

  2. damn this is way too underated fuckin hell i can imagine jayz rappin 2 this!

  3. some one call the fire department…….

  4. 1. You, hands down, produce the best of the best on this website.
    2. Anthem!!!

  5. yeah i co sign, i feel it a hundred, but ill fade the voice out at the intro

  6. solid beat, but not digging the voices.

  7. sicccck

  8. This beat is beautiful.. Great work hala!

  9. well slant does have much deeper beats, but hell, this one is for losing your voice on stage, and we all like that :D good job hala….

  10. i guess i am the only one who shares my views lol

  11. This beat is just SCREAMING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sick as hell, great beat to spit on

  12. F.I.R.E….. hot shit! keep it up

  13. I must say Hala-X is my favorite producers on Shadowville, it’s so exciting when I see he finally comes out with a new beat (which takes forever) But this one is not his best but it’s fire.

  14. im suprised u like this slant, this beat is pure wackness. you never seem to make any real, deep or meaningful shit. u are no way on par with slantize man, its like slantize has his beats fresh for each season, then your bringin out ex-catalogue shit years on. ayo slant whens ur nxt hit droppin man, need a real inspiring beat to work with atm.

  15. Damn insane beat! perfectly mixed…

  16. Killed it.

  17. This is fire !!! I loooove this !

  18. add some old school shit

  19. sicckkk

  20. Dope.

  21. imma use this one, itz definitley a banger :)

  22. i dont like the voices in tha begginin but besides tht its dope

  23. I agree with Slant. This one’s a banger.

  24. This is some str8 anthem type street banger wooooooo

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