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Sep 14 2009 | BPM: 110 | Producer: Smoke
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18 Feedback

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Eerie, exotic club beat with sexy synths over steady, heavy dance drums.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Club, Pop

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18 Feedback to “Explode”

  1. smoke- whats your email address? I want to buy the exclusive tonight!- but don’t want to put my card info into yet another website- shits excruciatingly painful-

    @bornrich, You can use Paypal instead.

  2. Charlie Sheen Swag! (open collab) - Produced by Smoke!….

    like you need to be told a 16th time… beats on point… coped it yesterday as wel as wrote and recorded it…

  3. damn man, this gives me a twiztid vibe for real i can hear some wicked shit bein spit to this

  4. Most of my raps are really serious and about problems people go through in life, but this may be the beat I make my first club banger to! The female sample really is what makes this beat so great. Keep up the sick work!
    X the UV

  5. this is some sick nasty shit

  6. yo man this is sick the female voice samples are wat really set it off tho man thats whats up

  7. HOT HOT

  8. banger!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great !!!

  10. psychadellic as fuck 5/5. hell yes!

  11. This beat is dope!

  12. omg.. that sounds good :P i like it

  13. DAMN IT.
    I was honestly expecting this streak to go on forever :(
    I don’t really like this one…The reason why I’m even commenting is because it’s a milestone…This is the VERY first beat you’ve ever made that I don’t enjoy…Damn it…Keep up the good work anyways, yo.

  14. lol at nitzamc

    u must av nitz in ya brain son coz this is str8 fiya man. certified banger str8 away son

    loving the female sample, works well man!!


  15. its like a basic producer…

  16. This beat is sick

  17. Hey ı like that man..

    peace from TURKEY

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