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And Even If It Ends

Oct 05 2009 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Slantize
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45 Feedback

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Inspiring melody using epic horns, steady pianos, deep cellos, and a splash of electric guitar over 808 drums.

Genres: Dirty South

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45 Feedback to “And Even If It Ends”

  1. Dope. Slantize u gotta come back n make some more of these fire beats. U cant find beats liek this anymore

  2. The 808 drums just match perfectly with the steady piano! Super sick. Keep it up!

  3. am in love with this beat…

  4. Good

  5. i got sick!!!
    this is too fu**ing good!

  6. I dont think you realize how sick this beat is o.O

  7. i most download this beat pleas healp me !!!

  8. if anyone actually got this beat please send it to my email

  9. send it to me PLZ the gives me a good feeling emai:

  10. send this beat to me please! send it to!


  11. send it to mee also coz it makes me feel what music is

  12. do people actually get the beat sent to them when they give their email?

  13. Can you please send me this beat! I love it!

    I need this beat to my mixtape! tnx

  14. maybe you can send me this beat? would be nice :)


  16. I Just Want to ask what do you use for ur beats ur amazing please tell me

  17. nice one

  18. I used this shit I love it hella dope

  19. süpper yhawww

  20. hot shit! hit me up

  21. nice ill sing 4 it

  22. Good work! . perfect . !

    keep doiin ya thang slant


  24. sende fena deil

  25. that piano melody at the beginning is mind blowing, yet when the beat drops its not what i really expected, you shouldda made the whole beat a dope inspiring melody. Even still, 3/5 to this beat. bring back those hard hittin deep beats man. safe

  26. kool

  27. u lookin for the next dr dre right here.wooooooooooow that beat is crazy

  28. You all need to hear the track i recorded to this beat. 10/10 A1

  29. amazing


    all songs and beats are from
    plz check out the website site.

  31. Dam Everybody Hating I Think This Beat Is Nasty Good Shit Dog

  32. The beginning is really smooth…..really like it…but then when it drops to the dirty south is like blah…..but overall is really clean…good work!

  33. Hella props

  34. i agree with blud related

  35. should have kept it more orchestral instead of that horn shit you got skills in your keyboard work its just you need inspiration i like the begginning of the 3rd verse i would have ripped it then it dropped then hook suckx ass its like you made it from lovy to an anthem :| but still im droppin the 5/5 fuck it you worked hard hard work pays off someone will use this one eventually peace and much love god bless

  36. Very Nice ;)

  37. I don’t really like dirty south beats.. but the musical composition was amazing :P

  38. holy shit sick beat slant

  39. Dope. Not Really My Style But Even Then I Thought It Was Clean.

  40. the beginning of this beat is hard man, sick, but then when it drops into dirty south the beat is ruined, would have been a master piece if this beat was urban or underground, bad choice in my eyes. props though

  41. omg its perfect


  43. EXCELLENT!!! Very well done Slantize, another perfect joint 100/100.

  44. QL !

    @emirhere, i loved this beat i need this beat

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