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Murder Music

Nov 04 2009 | BPM: 85 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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21 Feedback

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Deep, dark brass with a splash of pianos and bells over big hitting kicks.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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21 Feedback to “Murder Music”

  1. I’mNowadays it takes tolerance to Pain for play. rainy day go away lead me a stray to Foreplay A go To to afford to pay for pleasure. Now I’m lost the fridge depicts what bridge you cross before you get off.I’m off to get you a spot I can measure up the weather with her patience windows of opportunity make sense with her anger make a fence I’m from family with Familiar behavior peculiar how I feel a slave to her. Lust my flavor trust my savour I bust
    Danger to us a hanger above hovers losing its lovers bits and pieces of comets cum for new comers. Fresh showers of fire a fiery of hells flowers from outers of my diary to enter inner city sinners many winners the devils daughters admires heavens attire red clouds to desire dragons flying around an empire my higher acquirer requires her purr to Make the silence stir for the disturbed I heard her words burn orbs. Learn with concern earn your turn ashes in a yearn towards fake fans blatant mistakes make family come in hot on the landing

  2. Damn thisis my 1st time hearing this beat and its illl!

  3. but i guess i was wrong lmao

  4. Oh my bad, i was 100% sure i’ve heard it somewhere else.. sounds kinda similar to this

  5. “Wicked_01 | Nov 7, 2009

    I remember hearing the same sample, i think u got it from a game”

    no samples, all original

    @Todd Hamburger,

  6. I remember hearing the same sample, i think u got it from a game

  7. i gotta gets the rights to this one here,u keep it up dawg,u definitely gonna reap those rewards,im gonna write this one off,like always,holla,,i done plenty shadowville beats..#1 fan

  8. the drums are what make this in my eyes. its a thumpa! good work mayne!

  9. this joints not that bad. 4.5/5
    keep up the good work

  10. yea this is nice, its diff, but still SV. very dolo, though the same style sped up a bit would be wonderful. amazing. i hope to work on your beats more man keep it up.

  11. OMFG! I have to agree with lil remm, masterpiece.

  12. waaay better tha yo 1st beat….
    goood work..yo
    keep it up….

  13. likin it, n really likin that you dropped two beats in one day, seems like shadowville’s kinda been sleepin a lil bit n haven’t been as many drops lately so 2 in one day is a plus….liked the sound of this one

  14. i would love to hear what yall did with it also

  15. Nice. You are very versatile

  16. this is more like it, keep em comingggggggg

  17. First of hopefully many downloads from me on your beats. keep bringin that heat

  18. Dope Mane Feeling Todds Beats A Lot So Keep Em Comeing

  19. Very Nice, Keep Em Coming.

  20. a Masterpiece.

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