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Above The Rest

Nov 15 2009 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Sean Divine
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14 Feedback

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Uptempo pop track with grinding synth scales and melodic pianos.

Genres: Club, Pop

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14 Feedback to “Above The Rest”


  2. hey waz up g keep on doing all those beats im bumpin them on my ride like the bass man very tide …

  3. 100\100

    @sofyan, fuck u

  4. Yeah ! (Y)) 5/5

  5. good chit homie…. a diff twist to things, you got bizzie homeboy… bang out…. 1ne’o0

  6. i dont care waht anyone says, this beat is hard…..its goin for some 80s synth shit and its hard it that sense

  7. Goddamnit I wanted to buy this beat so bad wrote a hook last night and gone today

  8. The Beat Is The Burner!

  9. if the REAL talented shadowville producers dont tagg their shit. who u think u are to do it??


  11. Oh god, the break down when the Piano comes in is maddddddddddddddd DOPE! I need to smoke a fat blunt and crank this shit..

  12. Your gay Skitzo..

    This beat is trippy.. I like it.. Not the greatest, but this is cool..

  13. this is gay

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