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Dec 07 2009 | BPM: 94 | Producer: Sean Divine
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26 Feedback

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Playful harpsichord progressions with a smooth and inspiring chorus.

Moods: Dark, Happy, Silly
Genres: Club, East Coast

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26 Feedback to “Carnivale”

  1. 2015 Dec; 40 4 427 33 lasix alternative

  2. Fuck that. This shit is off the wall. I have a feeling your just hating? (inner instincts or jealousy?) This is bad ass. Lets see you haters produce some tracks like this.

  3. it’s great beat man.

  4. hello..who would like send me this instrumental for use private at my msn? add me here thanks

  5. Neat

  6. Wow I really like this beat? I dont supose there is anyway I can get a hold of it or any other carnival themed beats like it? I think it sounds wicked [=

  7. You people got some negative vibes man. All I can say is lets see you do better. I’m gonna drop some lyrics to this shit and prove how dope a song it can make!

  8. lovin it

    @j_murderous, 123456789987654321

  9. inspector gadget beat!

  10. yo good shit bruh.

  11. ok… its nice

  12. BUNK!

  13. well i haven’t liked any of the beats devine has brought to the site but this one is dope and i hope he puts tags everyfuckin bar for all these haters who dont have enough talent to make their own beats they gotta talk shit about people who make good beats that have to use tags because faggot people rip off originality sooooo good job devine and fuck haters in their stupid bitchy assholes

  14. It’s not even the tags, I just don’t like his swag.

  15. Sickkk.

  16. the tags have never stopped me from making a hot song, keep doing your thing sean. all your beats are tight, Especially your club beats.

  17. Hell Yeah rhumphrey i agree with u at all!!
    i will not hear the beat couse i know what im gonna here couse this guy dosnt learn shit.
    and nashdnash2007 yeah i agree whit u aswell
    even i have a awsome tag and im not a producer so i cant belive this guy release his beats whit this wack tagg. kills the vibe and the beat.

  18. at least make your tag sound cool the one you always use sucks ass

  19. This dude is killin himself and im loving it, some people gotta learn the hard way though lol.

    Next producer xD

  20. aw man. i was gettin real into it freestylin, then your tag ruined it. at the beginnin the tag might be alright but durin the verse, its in the way. its a good beat though.

  21. its a good beat.. but your tag right before the chorus????? like, it’s ok at the beginning like your other beats.. but someone has to rap over the tag? really? anyways, the beat overall 4.5/5

  22. ^ but you did comment…lol…i like the beat, but your others were much better boss

  23. I dnt even need to comment cuz u already kno what i’m gonna say

  24. very nice man, ;)

  25. not feelin it…sounds like it could be good, but im not feelin it

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