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Nov 22 2009 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Sean Divine
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33 Feedback

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Reflective beat with light keys and atmospheric string pads.

Moods: Happy, Relaxed, Sad
Genres: R&B, Urban

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33 Feedback to “Raindrops”

  1. Hell yea Sean Divine i like everyone of your beats but this beat is best. keep up the good work bro..!!!!!

  2. all you wannabe rappers stop hatin..u aint even good enough to be on this beat anyway..make ur own beats..shout out sean divine shit is nasty..

  3. Not necessary thieving the beat just because you don’t like the tags. Credit can be given in many ways, people dislike the tags because for rhyming purposes it’s a problem.

    Still, dope beat.

  4. Check out my song to this beat at either youtube or myspace called PERFECT GIRL


    Tell me what you think

  5. everyone complaining about tags makes it seem like your thiefs. Shows that you dont give credit to the producer.

  6. nice XD

  7. Love This One Mane Been Checking Your Beats Out Since The End Of 07 Begning Of 08 Been A Fan Since Every Beat Is Sick This Is Crazy

  8. OMG… Stop Complainin About the Tags Just Be Happy The Shiz Is Free

    GotDam… Like A Broken Record
    One Guy Actually Said “You don’t Learn Anything”
    Wat Da Hell He Is A Producer, Your Obviously Learning Something From Him If
    your Listening To HIS beat.. and Since It Is HIS The HE can Do Whatever the F He Wants With it….


  9. in shadowville its tight becuase theres no tags

    this the first time ive seen taged beats on shadowville (which is lame)
    the tags do actually mess up beat tho and its true…

    even though the beat is hot

    shadoville aint known for tagged beats
    its a shame they do now tho…

    they broke what was actually “UNIQUE” about shadowville

  10. I don’t like any of Divines beats whatsoever.

    Shadowville needs a new featured producer ftw

  11. this is probably the sickest one so far

  12. i loved it up till the “sean divine” part

  13. this beat is sick somebody here sould rap on it

  14. did anyone read why they are putting tags on beats or does no one read anymore?

  15. All your beats have been straight garbage..except this one. This shit’s ill..not gonna lie.

  16. worst ? hahaha whata joke ! he makes so cool beats that i cant believe ! respect mayne

  17. Worst producer my a** Try one of the best. Slant, Adam, and Sean rip this site apart. Yall need to quit hatin already and give props. 5/5… Every album needs a beat somethin like this

  18. ^ why because he tag’s his beats ? stfu lemme hear your beats….anyways….i think this beat is dope as hell, people need to seriously stop crying about the tags

  19. the worst produser in shadowville

  20. good beat but always tag !!!

  21. wow.. 5/5

  22. tags are annoying but tags have nothing to do with the quality or skill of the beat
    but guess what’s more annoying? YOU BITCHES BITCHING ABOUT IT

    how come i can guarantee the idiots bitching about tags are the freeloading cheapskates who never pay for a single beat and probably not even bother giving credit

    yall need to stfu before you piss a producer off and we all get nothing

  23. u dnt learn anything, remove the tags man

  24. good work man…but you should remove the tag…

  25. yeah i agree.

  26. nah i understand doo and i agree i personally dont like tags either. im just sick of peeps complainin about it some peeps just sayin his beats aint dope cuz of tags which is untrue. they do mess up ya flow a lil bit some times. but over all alot of his beats are fire in my opinion. thats all im sayin homie. i like alot of people wish there were less tags in his beats. but his shits still dope i think he has alot of talent and just wish peeps would quit hatin thatz all im sayin yanadalameen 1

  27. biliztik651 -> noone on this site, i think, have any tags when I play their beats. thats why i wonder why he’s putting to many tags.
    ofc. if u want the beat then lease it and get rid of the tags. but he’s the only one :)
    but still i understand :))

  28. is it that he dont learn anything or yall dont learn anything? if ya want it with out tags lease it or buy exclusives mayne. beats fire homie do yo thang fuck the hataz. 4/5

  29. FINALLY, you dropped something dope.

  30. u dont learn anything…. remove the tagz men!!

  31. okay now we got another dope beat.
    its sick how you make it so smooth, but still rappish 4 my style.

    but again.. tags.

  32. gud job sean divine..

  33. I think the drums were a little too energetic for this type of track, but that’s just my opinion. Props on the drop. Kinda nice to see a new flare on SVP. 4/5

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