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Floor Filler Pt. II

Nov 24 2009 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Sean Divine
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37 Feedback

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Fast-paced pop banger with gated synths and unique electro sounds.

Moods: Frantic, Happy
Genres: Club, Pop

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37 Feedback to “Floor Filler Pt. II”

  1. Priligy

  2. Those that downloaded it free with the tags my email smithebony46 @ yahoo .com can someone be nice enough to send me the file download for this beat with tags. Now if file sharing isn’t allowed I understand but I forgot.

  3. i think this beat is sick, but you should mix this one up with part 3, that would be sick

  4. OH NO Is the BEAT SOLD I really need to know ASAP

  5. OH NO!!!!!! Is the BEAT SOLD… I really need to know ASAP!

  6. Damn… Is the BEAT SOLD I need to know ASAP!

  7. Damn… Is the BEAT SOLD???? I need to know ASAP!

  8. this is just a crazy idea but throwing it out there what would it be like if sean and slantize collab on a beat i think it would be crazy

  9. This beat is hard ima producer myself and your beats inspire me to make music. You the realest you and Slanztize so keep puting your beats up because ima be waiting to listen to them.

  10. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S :-) You are VERY VERY CRAZY !!!!!Wonderful effects and electro sounds!! Why the instrumental is not available???

  11. 110% my style.. love it.. no other words!

  12. Hey man im this beatb is the shit so fuck with your boy email is you can check out my song on myspace thru this email.

  13. respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. OMG! some people never get it do they! this beat is dope i dont think i would ever rap to it but it is dope. i am so sick of these fuckin people bitching about tags cuz if you’ve ever been in a studio you can drop a beat you fucking faggots. wipe your fuckin tears about the tags and shut the fuck up already! DEVINE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BRO

  15. The beat is dope as fuck it’s not my kind of style but I love just listening to it. Every one who is bothered by the tag and says shit like “I think the tag would throw my flow off” if that’s the case you shouldn’t even be rapping. Good shit homey keep it up there is nothing wrong with tagging the beat and letting know people you made it. I personally don’t mind the tag so peace and stay up.

  16. I gots to say thiz tha shiz. I couldn’t really drop lyric on something like this but I fukn like it. 5/5*

  17. Big Sean Divine.. your beats club are great.. continues.. Blaise

  18. Slantize -_- … still waitin 4 ur beats dude …


  19. i think its dope good shit man

  20. holy shit. I love this beat… not something I’d spit to but real sick nonetheless!

  21. Sean .. respect for diz one mayne .. i can feel it man .. i like ur swagg

  22. part one of floor filler was released a long time ago i fucking love that beat got it on my mp3, 2nd one is just as dope, probably better actually…to hear his first one if its still up check his page…i think itwas sold so it might not be there…

    and yea…the crying is getting annoying….sseaaaan divine! i liked that tag lol…made the beat sound epic before it starts lol

  23. I like your style Sean. You always keep the beat movin which is important to me

  24. is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…sean downnnnnn

  25. As For The Beat I Loved This For Months Since It Was Relased Tough Choice Between This And One On Which Is Better….BTW Playboy Did A Song To Part One Called Floor Filler

  26. Oh, and i’m sorry for that little rant Sean.. But this deap is SICK man! I love techno beats and this shit had me trippen the fuck out as soon as it started! That melody is so DOPE! I like the fast paced drums too.. Very nice work man!

  27. I think Its Crazy Everyone Is Going Nuts Over Tags Its Nothing Kane Beats Has A Tag J.R. Rotem Has Tags, The Runners Has Tags Sean Is Proud Of His Work And If I Was Him I Would Tag My Beats To

  28. Awww, the beat has a tag in it.. Boofuckenhoo.. If your gonna cry about some shit as pathetic as that then u might as well just stop coming to Shadowville.. If your a, “REAL” emcee you can work around the tags.. Use em to your advantage instead of crying like little fucken girls.. You guys should be happy Slant dosn’t have it where the beats are just a sample and you have to pay just to download.. So seriously, quit your fucking crying..

  29. No you can talk trash on the producers all you want. We aren’t comment nazi’s here. However, I WILL tell you that producers DO read the comments, and you wouldn’t exactly be getting on their good sides by being very antagonistic instead of constructive, even if it is something negative.

    As for ADP’s comment, he was just kidding, but the whining IS getting annoying.

  30. isnt it against the policy to talk badly about any of shadowville’s producers. i always thought that rule was weird, but i see why it there now. I guess you wouldnt want people bashin on the producers.

  31. Just spoke to Slantize, next time someone whines about tags they will be banned!

  32. Im sure Sean knows, that some people is bothered by his tags.

    and … ?
    its up to him.
    Slantize, Hala-X etc. some of the makers on SV - i cant remember them havin tags, but whats up then
    its up to them if they want or not.
    If was a beatmaker for SV, i would defe. put tags on mine, cuz i’ve heard people say its their own beats when they downloaded it..

    I feel for Sean, and a lot of respect for those crazy beats !!

  33. sean man… don’t even pay attention to all this hating BS.. i for one think that this song is sick… fire.. i might have gotten a lil wet.. haha.. seriously.. ive already gotten a song written to this.. stayed up all night.. simply put.. its amazing.. now i gotta try and find 40 bucks so i can get it to record… again.. AMAZING.. joseph malone

  34. dont hate on him because of the tags. Tons of people has been ripping off Shadowville, selling their beats as if it was their own, making cash off the Shadowville producers hard work. It’s not like a single tag at the start of a song will make your song unlistenable or anything. Just be grateful its not looped every 4 bars and that you can still download those high quality beats for free. A sound tag wont ruin anything.

  35. lol at u men, i will not even listen ur beats… im sick of ur tagz. and u simply dont understand so.. im done with ur beats

  36. it’s a good beat if you like clubing.. but where is part 1?

  37. im sick of this shit!!! wheres my boy Hala X??? i havent heard from him in a long time. I miss his beats for real!!!!!

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