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Dirt In The Ground

Nov 28 2009 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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25 Feedback

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Soulful vocals chopped with a smooth jazzy feel over underground drums.

Moods: Dark, Soulful
Genres: Underground

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25 Feedback to “Dirt In The Ground”

  1. Yo this tracc is on fayah!… Yo X, man whats the EXCLU on this joint man?

  2. The sample is “Dirt In The Ground” by Toma Waits from “Bone Machine” album, can’t tell you how ‘hard’ it will be, every case is different. You can see 1st if its much hustle and the decid if you still want to buy it.

  3. i’m interested in purchasing this beat but i don’t wanna waste my money if it’s gonna be nearly impossible to get sample clearance..any idea how hard it would be to obtain sample clearance?

  4. oops.. its 94 BPM

  5. can someone tell me the BPM ?

  6. incredible

  7. yo dude your beats are sick.. you should make another one like this one

  8. Foe sure dawg, you always keepin it tight, love emotional raps, not all that fake gansgta shit, and your the best, straight up ! Along with 2Deep of course, but still 5/5 no doubt .

    Keep ‘em comin’

    Peace out

  9. bout fucking time…I was getting tired of listening to these new lame mudda fuckas (no diss?)

  10. Thank God, HalaX is back! This shit is straight fire 5/5

  11. Dope Drop Fam! I’m Straight Feeling It.


  12. there…we…go

  13. hala-x keep em comin

    i like this beat. its unWordable…

  14. DOPE!5/5!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hook is saying:

    “We’re all gonna be [just] dirt in the ground”

  16. so grim. …. killin it
    one of my favs

  17. Where is Hala x? I havent seen Hala for time? Are the new producers replacing the old ones?

    I think the answers have been answered hot shit

  18. i wanna spit over the hook…

    but what is he sayin

  19. sickkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  20. Finally some real Shit!!!!! we missed you hala x. you just made my day with this beat.

  21. Welcome back for sure!

  22. DOPE!!

  23. welcome back

  24. hell yea…great shit 5/5….good to see hala postin somethin, its been awhile…..i been waitin on this…gonna get to work now. thanks hala for a fresh, unique joint

  25. Sickkk shit!

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