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Brain Damage

Nov 29 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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28 Feedback

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Steady dark violins, bells, electric guitars, and high pitched synths over steady kicks and claps.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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28 Feedback to “Brain Damage”

  1. layed a fat track

  2. what is beat no free

  3. all yalls good beats are got already lol

    @carnie_natas, i knw shit sucks

  4. the best beat ever

  5. i need this beat how do i get it

  6. It says its unavailable

  7. I need this beat!! Who owns it???? How do i get it?????

  8. i will download dis beat….thankz man

  9. Those Guitars Are Crazy Love Guitars

  10. reign on a track
    its your brain on plack
    looking so elk
    just a target to blast
    market your trash
    your a mark your a dash
    aint livin in a swag its
    in the bag when i squeeze it back
    when the bee’s attack
    been a g since gramps
    its in the pants its in the jeans
    only mean i’m me’ know what i mean
    he dont know a thing but his bling
    alpagino gabino
    trip dog and his babino
    yeah im neve-o
    go ra wind the
    spy rig from a helo
    turn machine guns on casino’s
    pull the bar’s i ca’ching
    more bars than the bing
    smart similies
    spit dark enity ’s
    spark enemies
    barkn at me
    parting the sea
    pour dark hennessy
    thoughts into keys
    harp go an sing
    its a salt lake thing
    assualt then i sting
    my assault rifle bleeds
    in the core i marine
    goring your spleen
    put some horror in the ring
    til our bell ding dings
    you might where the mark
    but you dont smell like the beast
    i got rap down you could tell im diseased
    dwelling a free -flow
    buffette & keno
    down in reno
    hear no see no evil
    wet you from your peep- hole
    leave a deep hole
    drop a bishop on a steeple
    on top of a catherdral with a desert eagle
    let the beak blow kill religious ego’s
    wered my weed go its a week old
    the stink’ll make you twinkle
    eyes crinkle
    25 like chris cringle ’s
    dinga ling equal to a moose named bull winkle’s
    bowling ball lingual here’s your sign bill engval
    unbelieveable need not be repeated slow
    undefeated flow weeded so unspeakable
    your speakers blow from the bass hits beating yo….

    ear’z IN……

    tried to buy this beat but my accounts not working tried to download the beat but i keep gettn linked back to the latest beats page … fix your web site so i can buy this beat please.


    God Damn The Unbeatables are Livin Up To their Name!

    Yal Guna Make It Big No Doubt! With Fire Like This There Aint No Competition.

  12. Респект!!! RESPECT!!!

  13. Aight You Got Some Good New Beats.
    But To Think You can put all of them on sale for a thousand dollars and sell all of e, yoyr just bullshiting yourself. Who Do you think has that kind of money except rappers who have already made it and if they have made it already chances are that thier not buying beats at all.

    How about tryin to help some people who are dying in this recession and put some of the prices down.
    Not tryin to be a dick just tryin to lend a hand.

  14. welcome to the team bredrin. This beat is pure madness, already got some dark bars spread across this one. For people who dont like this at first, keep listening because the vibe on this one is tremendous. 5/5

  15. man, im tellin you one of ems got to be admack, he uses guitar in a lot of his beats

  16. Right down my alley… I want more like this

  17. Im guessing its Slantize and 2deep? Am i wrong.. If so plz correct me, cuz i really wanna know who it is

  18. goooood shit 5/5

  19. yo im lovin this beat 4 real!! cant wait to hear more good work

  20. when does the hook start?

  21. dissagre ^^ i love the guitars so hot. Which producers are these 2deep and..

  22. it’s aight but u guys use way too much guitar i like your beat’s but take a brake with the guitar 5/5

  23. this beat is sick 5/5


  25. Shadowvilles Steppin Thier Game Up Son!! I Heard These New Beats Like Wow….

    Street Slang Is Beastin

  26. these are crazy good man the street slang was an as if but there all 5/5 man id rate them higher if i could

  27. This is pretty fuckin’ dope…Those guitars set it off, definitely.

    Shadowville’s about to get crazy.

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