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Make Money

Dec 12 2009 | BPM: 83 | Producer: Slantize
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30 Feedback

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Pianos, tape strings, atmospheric pads, deep saw synths, on heavy uptempo drums.

Genres: East Coast, Urban

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30 Feedback to “Make Money”

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  5. Number One!



    @nijat725, asdad

    @nijat725, asd

  6. Datz wassap

  7. Check my version, Thanks Slantize


    @nijat725, 11111111111111122222222222222222222222223333333333333333333333333

  8. my new song to this! real deep shit, great lyrics, gettin awesome feedback, check it out

  9. yo son im puttin a mixtape out wit my homie wit a few of ur beats n othaz hit me wit ur email if u wanna cjeck it out! ONE LUV!

  10. good man

  11. this beat is giving me goosebumps lol, straight fire slant. you never disappoint.

  12. haha, oh shit. been waiting time for a slant beat and its been worth the wait. This beat is so versatile, this can be an inspiring beat, banger, emotional, watever you want. perfectly composed, this beat has alot of depth. top props. keep them coming!!

  13. killed it

  14. this is the slant comeback . your beats its great……keep it up slant…

  15. not bad Slantize. It sounds nice as a beat but it sounds kind of dated, like a beat that would have dropped a couple of years ago. I liked your last 8 bars of the verse (the part that starts at 0:34) but the chorus is kind of weak considering how sick the last 8 bars were. But it is a step up from your last few beats. Probably a 3 or 4 / 5.

  16. love it.

  17. Nice drums … the piano ruLeZz..

    keep it up slantize … <3 !

  18. The Piano Is Really What Set It Off Though

  19. The Strings Were Nice I Felt This I Was Hopeing For A New Slantize Beat Soon. I Hope We Get A Emotional Beat From Slant Soon Those are The Best

  20. i love that piano, i felt the strings gave it a pretty original feel

  21. damn you know i always get excited to see a new slantize beat up when i click on this site but i wasn’t really feelin this one. the piano is sick and the saw creates a nice vibe with the drums but i really dont like the strings in the lead up to the chorus. i will say the chorus is the best part of this beat though. 4/5


    I miss your beats Slant! This shit right here is pure FIRE!!!!!!!!!

    Nobody can fuck with your melodies man.. You are a musical fucking GENIUS!


  23. banger.


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