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Across The Room (With Hook)

Dec 16 2009 | BPM: 98 | Producer: Adamack
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105 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Catchy club beat with pads, stuttering synths, and deep kicks and basslines. Hook by J. Beale.

Genres: Club, R&B

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105 Feedback to “Across The Room (With Hook)”

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  6. who bought this?? i hear lot of versions..haha

  7. gran base!!

  8. How much for the exclusive?

  9. check out what I did with this beat…. and yeah I LIVE IN KANSAS ha…

  10. This beat is available again!

  11. i wanna buy exclusive to this beat.. id like to own it completely

  12. how can i download this song? please tell me!!

  13. how can i download thiss? I LOVE IT!

  14. wonderfull

  15. this beat is sickkk

  16. ehuu qe kur e kam bere kete keng une :p

  17. Can i have this beat pls :D:D im waiting :D:D

  18. could u send me this beat because i could make this a realy dope track please…

  19. hey i like that beat could you give me pliz

  20. hey,plz give this song to me

  21. Can you say all type of efects you use to the hook and plz plz can you plz giw me the setting for the auto-tune. I love it and some day i may see you famous

  22. a man if i make a song to your beat and if it gets me famouse i will give you 15-25% of my profit, the beat will be in your name still i just wanna make a rap wit it cuz its hard as fuck, and like i said, you would get a good percent of profit if it makes me big peice out,
    J flow hit me up if you want (house) 740-226-1535 or (my cell) 740-648-9451 it would be better if you hit me up on my house phone cuz im out of money on my phone, and maybe some time in the future we could work together.

  23. I want this beat with the hook cuz that shit is hot. thats def. a panty dropper lol

  24. check it out
    add me

  25. yo i did a couple o verses on dis mane i jus had the beat in junk an dropped a couple vs on dis one didnt master or ne thing i see it was bought out dats koo but here i go

    @jmad, sorry, homeboy…my version’s better! stay tuned!


  26. Nah check out what AP did on the beat

  27. thats def not nice, annoyin if anythin

  28. hey adamack can u please email me

  29. i leased it listen to the hit i made with Across the room


  30. hey ima rapper can i use the beat begging

  31. One of the best beats I’ve heard available online, other than the hook. Take the hook off and you’ve got a sellable beat.

  32. Yo check out the song we did with the beat! lookin 2 possibly buy beat! “I See You”

  33. MAn that hook is dope do you have the instrumental with out it?


  35. Anybody want to collab with me on this song?

    @eur0pean, totally man, send over a concept to

    nigga sure, english and spanish.

    @eur0pean, im down man

  36. Dayum….i luv iht…

  37. wadup adamack….this shit is hot.i made something and wanted to show you…new zealand hip hop!

  38. Damn! That beat go hard! I got lyrics J.Beale where you @

  39. Come thru an tell me what you think bruh.

  40. Danm i love all your beats they are sick just make more happy songz because those are some of your best

  41. can’t say how much i love this beat.

  42. i cannot believe i fucking missed out on this beat

  43. du delire mon gars trop fort succes champion

  44. Were can i buy the exclusive rights? I hands down ripped this shit the hardest, check me out

  45. Were can i buy the exclusive rights?

  46. I instantly fell in love with this track. I’m hoping it holds until I can purchase it. If you wanna hear how I used it here’s the link.
    Much love. Keep doin your thing!


  47. Good work,i like it !!

  48. dis shit is great!!!!!!!!!? but it will be better without hook

  49. anyone who wanna collab with an afrcan star on this shit show write me

    @princenas, yes man i’m up for this

  50. Y’all wanna hear a version of this track thats actually good…. Then check it out on my page. Everyone else…. Stop playin lol J.Beale, thanks for hittin me up homie… 100

    Across The Room

  51. Sick Beat Adamack!

    Here’s my spin on it…

    “Across The Room!”

  52. if anybody wanna do a remix to this beat holla at me on

  53. Check out my song to this beat on either youtube or myspace called ACROSS THE ROOM


    tell me what you think, i need feed back

  54. Sick bro

  55. know im a little lat….shouldve been out last year!!!
    happy New Year!!!!

  56. can you release one without the hook?
    great beat!


  58. Wow adamack what can i say? Your beats are the best. I always find raps and hooks to go with them. But this one i used and i totally made it hot. KEEP DOING IT!

  59. teşekkürler

  60. as i can hear .. it goes like diz ..
    I cant wait till i get to u
    close and personal
    baby i see u workin it out
    just gotta make my way thru to u
    ( across the room ) i see u ( across the room )
    I see u ( across the room )

    holla !

  61. can u send me the hook’s lyrics?? i need’em

  62. hey adamack this sh*t is great good job man, regards from Turkey

  63. kos…heard your shit son. nice work, like i said my shit will be back up this week

  64. Damn, this is soooo dope
    I love this beat really much man this is the real deal. U g2 be a succesfull producer in the future.

  65. If i buy this beat .. hook will be removed right ? would like to have this beat without a hook.. beat is fire xD

  66. damn its unfair… whew.. ya boy DESIK

  67. or Adamack, Todd Hamburger and Slantize!

  68. hold up pimpins, and pimpettes. its ya boy DESIK listen here. this track right here! i will wager 200 dollars on who the best is. we will only stipulate on who the judges is. my vote is for Usher, Lil Wayne and Eminem.

  69. Thank you all very much for the reviews! I appreciate everyone’s feedback and it truly inspires me to make new and better music.

    The singer on the hook is J. Beale and you can hear more of his music at

    Look out for more beats coming soon, including another one featuring J. Beale and one with Marka on the hook.

  70. wow great beat 10 out of 10. can you please upload just the beat without the hook. Thanks props to you.

  71. I dot did u get to check out my myspace? holla!

  72. my word

  73. my page got messed with a little bybthese cats i used to work with and i cant get my new shit on here. christmas eve. drop date. ill post it

  74. im buying this beat

  75. …i mean wat its like…if u gon drop the hardest shit on this beat then thatd mean u wont hear mine lol….no offence bro but any beat i touch i do more than jus justice…i go way beyond @idot

  76. Idot i wanna hear ur music

  77. Yo Adamack you da BOSS!!! Jeeeeeze this shit is ILL….man this beat is talkin to me yo. Heard this beat wen i woke this mornin n im on da job writin my second verse. thats like 5 hrs ago fr now. ILL BEAT Love ur stuff man!!! keep em comin….

  78. hey adamack can u put the beat one more try the one u did on openmindetertainment to shadowville plz bro thnx im a up and coming rapper/r&b singer

  79. wont let u down. as soon as finish it ill post it holla

  80. good shit bruh, really impressed and truly diggin the track. so Adamack whats the name of the singer on it or who is it? i would wanna give a shout out to him as well. when im done with the track ill put the link to it in these comments.

    I Dot, thats a pretty damn cocky statement. whats your myspace? ill check you out. hopefully theres actual talent backing up them statements, lol.

  81. ps slant, adp, smoke , hala i aint forgot bot yall. i was movinn brick to tetris samples. caught an epedemic 28 days later. ans since then i aint been nuthin but bad. yall built the bluprint. well im a take it and turn it into a kingdom. walk with me or and all are welcome but the strong survive. new year approaces and this is kick off. so get ready. id rather rise as 1 then fall as a yeam. so if anyone w the right skills is ready for the mission, send me your resume. i could give a fuck a battles, but when it comes to it will parish like sodomn and gomora. the king has a arrived. holla mutha fuckaz.

  82. hey todd 9 diamonds part of the crew that does the other hooks right< i only wrote 1 verse but i destroyed it. i guarantee i drop the hardest track on this beat. care to make a wager. im really diggin you and mr mack right now. if i can drop some of the hardest shit on these how bout we talk a little business. me, yall and shadowville. its part ofm the new movement. “father of this new movement, heres a spankin.” let me just let lLdot the greatest get a chance. next wednesday/thursday i willf have bangers on my myspace. and if yall disagree and ill gracefully bow out. holla at ya fuckin boy. u dont know me now but u will. or im a die tryin

  83. 1000/5 ! Good work,i like it !!

  84. oh sry .. didnt see description .. all da best .. keep goin !

  85. btw .. beat iz amazing ! luv it 5 starz mayne !

  86. From which song iz taken diz hook ? enlight me

  87. Ill. . . i dont lyke the hook [not hatin tho] beatz tight az fuqk. . . getz a 6/5

  88. Feelin The Beat Yoo, Gr8 Job like Alwayz — Ra$her T

  89. ^ i know 9diamond

  90. i have a serious question for adamack

    do you know the beat producer ninediamond on

    because i want to buy his beats but idk if he is real or not like a fake do you know him?

  91. Very nice work Adamack! Lovin the drums, synths and the sample on the chorus.. This some smooth ass shit right here! 5/5

  92. This shit is raw, you should post the beat with no hook tho..

  93. thiz some ill azz shit. I digg this man.5/5* foe shiz.

  94. My god … amazing !

    i need the lyrics of this beat =) !


  95. THIS JOINT BANGS, PERIOD!!! This isn’t really my type of beat that I would put somethin to but I can tell hot music when I hear it. The stuttering synths are: D..d..d…dope! Nice work- 10 out of 5

  96. banger homie!!! like all ya beats exspecialy the ones wit hooks you should drop one wit female hook that would be dope but 5/5 keep up good work.

  97. dis shit fire i had a hoook and shit but i was tryna comeup wit a bridge cuz i started beat out wit a hook instead of doing it the way j beale did it but i fuck wit dis da long way…adamack da most versatile producer on the site period..then slant and sin…but i fuck adp da long way his shit be ridin

  98. Keep these songs with hooks coming bro, this shit’s great

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