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Slantize Symphony Pt. III

Jul 04 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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19 Feedback

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88 BPM. This is a mix between a club/southern drum pattern with Storch-like orchestral instruments. Very catchy with strings and clarinet.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring

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19 Feedback to “Slantize Symphony Pt. III”

  1. Eminem style :D

    Goooooood shit ;) Props :)

  2. Genial….

  3. damn this beat are so epic………………………………………………… T_T


  5. yep u did it again i feel reborn like angel like or som thin keep it on till u cant no more…

  6. I really like this beat. It’s different, I mean, I’ve heard people mix rock and roll with hip hop, I’ve heard people mix mix country with hip hop, but I think you’re the first one to do orchestra and hip hop. It’s hot…

  7. This is The Shit

  8. evet

  9. DAMN.// physco Shit man

  10. Slantize, you make some ill beats, we could make a sick beat if we did a collab, my beat page is
    i think you’d really like my beat “upside down”
    check me out, we could make some ill beats together, leave one on my message board,

  11. one word…AMAZING! I’m keeping my ear out on the radio, instead of hearin “Its a Nitti Beat”, Its gonna be, “Its a Slantize beat!

  12. My homey.There are no words to describe the hottness of these beats.The first was crazy, the second one was mad ill, but this third one jus puts the icing on the 3 level pimped out weddin cake.Haha!But yea man, all ur beats are tight man, u creative.U got some serious talent bro, keep doin ya thing.PEACE!!

  13. hey slant ur symphanoys are too hott for us man….ur like from another planet or sumshit….lol…i dont think lil’jon couldve made this if the sheets were in front of him


  14. I agree Slantize Smyphonys are definately hot.

  15. yer symphony trilogy is hot

  16. dude this shit iz hott!!!i can make ryhmes ta dis…its tight love the strings and high hat and everything…its suffisticated yet easy to word….love it mane!!!


  17. what can I can it’s hot!

  18. Chamillionaire would sound ill on this great work

  19. I love your symphony’s. This is no exception!

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