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Bustin' Shots

Dec 23 2009 | BPM: 92 | Producer: 2Deep
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43 Feedback

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Dark, gangsta sounding deep brass sounds over hard hitting drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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43 Feedback to “Bustin' Shots”

  1. - does doxycycline have a shelf life To generate pCAG- IP- humanized Kusabira Orange hKO, as described previously.

  2. bu beati istiyorum ya :S


    I found that couple days ago

  4. ———– > من کارای شما رو خیلی دوست دارم

  5. nie indiremiorum ben bunu? gecenlerde indirdidim silinmiş yanlıslıkla napcam sımdı?

    yo it seems like i am the only one doin these beats any justice…. i used this beat as a diss track lol

  7. hollllly fuck this beat is insane. possible contest entry

  8. it’s cooL! BIT Very very ….

  9. Yo bro I did song to this beat called “6FeetUnda” shit is crazy i’mma post it up for you to hear man.

  10. someone tell me if im wrong but didnt jadakiss spit over this?

    Not thr same beat but based off the same sample. Jada wasnt the 1st tho. DMX killed this same sample on the RR vol.1 (if im not mistaken)

  11. indirlmiyo

  12. sounds like some beat from cartoon…but its great…:)))

    @dawn031, i felt that too, gonna drop bombs on this!

  13. man thaks for that
    ist unbelievable how you doing it :)

  14. bu beat’i kullanıyorum aga bilgin olsun:) helal et saygılar

  15. well done

  16. too flippin amazing im so using this for my song , its like a diss and sopose to be silly and i needed a not to serious beat like i was underestimating my opponent and this really really did the trick thanks a lot bro

  17. dude i heard this sample from a korean hiphop group called dynamic duo on a song called 해적 (pirate) just to let u know… it sounds exactly the same and their song came out like 5 years ago… hmmm. was this originally a sample from some other song?

  18. YO Strife Divine, that track was siiiick!! Lol, it’s not so related to a boobie watcher, but it’s provocative and i like it (Y) Tight beat 2Deep, this shit is hot

    @bababj, 56urtrtyrt

  19. sooo good man ! Pz from SwE

  20. I LOVE IT! u kills this sample.

  21. Güzelmiş lan :D

  22. You mister know it all (, dont come and hate on this site. I just noticed something and left a comment, so further no hard feelin’s bout this one cause this beat is dope !!

  23. bad to death, ill to life, dope to both. we all dig this shit.” go go gadget ill ass beat” 5/5*

  24. ROFL!! I had to post up this track here that I just dropped.. Check it out 2Deep.. I think u’ll like..

  25. dst: you’re fucking stupid. if you’re thinking Anno Domini, 2Deep is PART of Anno Domini.
    gpaul: get your ass outta hear. STOP SPAMMING.

    2Deep: this beat keeps sounding better and better every time I listen to it :D


  27. I’ma use this one, great beat man.

  28. That beat sounds real good, but too short.. 4/5

  29. Inspector Gadget much? haha

  30. That’s shit is from soundclick, from another prod. ?!! 0.0


  32. Damn !
    I could imagine 2Pac 100 % on this !
    Soo sick !

  33. No comment, fuckin awesome.. For sure one of the best beats i’ve heard keep it going bro..!!

  34. Damn ! Sudden change of style ! Everybody used to say 2Deep rules the dark beats, but this one is DOPE !! Love it !

  35. I love happy/silly beats…. so much better than dark ones…

    this beat is dope!

  36. is this the first “silly” mooded beat you have? :P

  37. lol this beat is catchy as hell, i luv it 5/5 from me, just wish it was a little longer

  38. H0T shyT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. sorta reminds me of inspector gadet, toooooooooooooo dope. twoooooooooo deeeeeeep haha definitely using this one too

  40. Sikkkkkk… Sounds Like a Spy is creeping through a mansion trying to catch the suspect.. of course not a drama.. more like a comedy… think Pink Panther!!


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