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Only A Dream

Dec 24 2009 | BPM: 91 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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39 Feedback

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Soft, emotional piano and guitar sample with a haunting, deep vocal cut.

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39 Feedback to “Only A Dream”

  1. Man I loved this track
    let’s a person who has a dream with almost nothing in life know anything is possible.
    But that’s just what I got from this one and I’ve used your beats often and every
    time they’re great. I’m with GS9 but Bobby is temperly out right now so music
    biz has been slow and down.


  3. yo tight beat…check out my version of it on keyword Spit Serious…let me know what yall think..peace!!!

  4. when u get a chance check out my version to Only a Dream.

  5. How the fuck is this a Gucci Mane beat????

  6. Yes People…Could you send me this beat to my e-mail please… I really need this beat beacuse want to make suprise for my girlfriend …

  7. omg… this is about the eight version of that sample i’ve heard… and to be honest, this is the worst one. :D

  8. i want exclusive rights to this one

    check it out made a tune to this beat feedback appreciated

  10. this beat is great i gotta get it

  11. Samo voziiiii!!!!!

  12. Its good, very good, but I’m in doubt of the silenced part, it doesn’t fit in tbh.

    Like it anyway, good job!

  13. this beat is old, quite old, it didn ‘t want to listen to the track to beat hereby old about 5 years follow:

  14. my new album’s snippet is online check this out!

  15. imma start back up in rapping when schools over, and the untouchables and slantize is what imma use the most, soo raw..check me out please

    Only A Dream Remix Check It Out And Tell Me What You Think And Add Me To

  17. nicce broo

    Check It Out

  19. Cool . Thanx Rich

  20. Check me and a friend out :P
    We only beginner so

  21. i don’t like the hook

  22. Yea Thats the Lyrics scorpio
    Its from the patrick swayze song “she’s like the wind”.. youtube it Son

    Yea yea Rich knows his shit :O

  23. I look in the the mirror, and all i see,
    Is a young (What?) man, with only a dream.

    In my ears it sounds like they say “Is a young (old) man with only a dream”
    But that just doesn’t make sence? Someone figured it out ?

    add us listen to our songs
    and give us feedback

  25. I love this beat. I recorded a song to it. the songs at if you got time add me and tell me what you think.

  26. on the real i hate songs with samples sped up but this one was used very well. i wasn’t really feeling alot of the beats from you guys but it seems the more you put up the more i really like your beats. so this is a 5/5 even though it doesnt seem my style it is still a very great beat i could vibe to

  27. Pretty good.

  28. i like this beat tho its nice.

  29. what do the words say?

  30. its not my bag, but someone could roll this one up. dope beat.

  31. zajebiste!! ziom wiem ze nie rozumiesz co pisze ale ten bicik rozpierdala pozdawiam…!! good

  32. Great one man, really feeling it . 5/5

  33. tight remix bruv. im likin this one, keep these beats coming

  34. Not my favorite from you guys, but still top-notch. 3.5/5

  35. Dirty Dancing. . . .Ill remix tho real $h!t

  36. very inspiration

  37. Tight shyt bro, very inspiration.. Keep it Up


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