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Dec 25 2009 | BPM: 129 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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21 Feedback

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Fast paced, double tempo track with electric guitars and violins.

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21 Feedback to “Victorious”

  1. Cool + for the post

  2. im the coolest rapper out here na

  3. Somebody please send me this beat to

  4. download sorry

  5. hej why we not can’t sownload thet song

  6. man i was late..if anybody got this beat can you please send it to me you so much

  7. the illest beat i’ve heard in a long time

  8. hahah sampling a game song

    nice job, good beat

  9. Doooope ._.

  10. 真他妈牛逼!im Chinese rappa, who wanna make a ft,get me posted

  11. I am truely speachless… Great beat! I completely agree with sti-g, because trying new things turned out great! We love this! 10/5


  13. fuck yeah i thought the last one was the shit till i heard this. i could actually say this may be my favorite beat on shadowville this year!

  14. Yooooo !!! Greeeeeeeeeat Job !!!! 6/5

  15. This is one of those beats you have to rap to while jumping up and down your so excited.

  16. Damn, this shit is hella ill.

  17. holy shit. this is hot.


  18. I fucking digg this shit. One of the best christmas gifts I got this year. Y’all made my muthafuken day. Thanks a lot. Word to tha muthafukaz!5/5*

  19. I froth on these kind of beats!

    Keep doing this kind of stuff! yewwww

  20. this beat is definantly my favorite. everything sti-g said is true. i LOVE how it has that rock element to it. amazing job as usual from you guys

  21. this is the kind of shit that separates good production from great production. The experimental drums gives it a twist and make it unique. this is what i’ve missed on SV, producers that dare to do something unusual. big up for this one…

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