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Keep Flyin (With Hook)

Jan 02 2010 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Adamack
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40 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Southern style beat with 808s and epic horns to give an energetic tone. Hook by Marka.

Genres: Dirty South

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40 Feedback to “Keep Flyin (With Hook)”

  1. check me out preciate it #realhiphop


  3. yoo if anyone can hook me up with a download for this beat thatd be sickk ! get at me

  4. Pleae can you pass me the beat, I write a song with that beat in Spanish, but it won’t be comercial, if you pass me the beat I will record the song
    You’ll make me a huge favour, please
    Pd: Sorry for my englihs

  5. Adamack is the master of hooks this shits fullysik

  6. diiiiiiiiime shyt goes hard in da mdafking paint!!!

  7. انت جامد اخر حاجه u r so strong


    here it isss! thank you Adamack you a beast on the beats

  9. MastaMind ft. Adamack - Keep Flying

  10. I like this shit you should let me download it


    sickest flow on this joint…

  12. Man this shit right here is goin hard in the paint. I heard like the first 5sec of it and had 16 bars in my R.A.D Moneygame is diggin this you got some true talent my man. that for what you are doing for music.

  13. Man this shit right here is goin hard in the paint… I heard like the first 5sec of it and had 16 bars in my R.A.D Moneygame is diggin this you got some true talent my man. that for what you are doing for music.

  14. this is my shiiiit


  16. this is for real goood shit kepp makin beats with the hook and in like 4weeks i will buy the rights to one of them for full price.
    get back to me

  17. Hello Adamack! You really nice man! Can you hit me up? I’m talking real business! I need to get up witcha!

    Holla Back

  18. what is the lyrics for the hook?

  19. me nd my homeboy bought the blanket for this and killed it check it out

  20. Sick beat man, love how you include the hooks. shit is awesome

  21. yo Adamack I bought the lease from you before it was on Shadowville but I just killed this track…check it out, professionaly recorded and mixed!

    @jaebone, say dude can u send me that beat??

  22. damn did he do this voice he should be rnb singer!!

  23. Thanks so much everyone. I really, really appreciate that you are feeling the beat!

    The singer of the hook is Marka by the way…I saw someone had asked.

    We have another one that MIGHT just be even better that I will post on the site soon, so look out!

    Thanks again and have a great new year.

  24. this is 100/10 wel done ma guy

  25. i agree with everyone else….great work….10/10

  26. Adamack we need to talk A.S.A.P i got a deal for you, you wont be able to say no man i’ll hit you up at your account on this but you will wont in on this my word
    hype beat btw

    thanks respect
    Profit , First Family Records

  27. an excellent bit!!!!!today will write track under him!!!

  28. dude u are the best dj u have the best beats and amazing hook nice job man keep makin them wit beats ima rock to this one

  29. damn this beat is straight fire…its only a matter of time before someone buys this exclusively

  30. this is BANGIN homie. dope drop fam. keep it up 10/10

  31. i fucking love ur beats with hooks..

    who sings the choruses

  32. i like it great hook 10/10

  33. just to let you know i have already made a song on it! masterd it and it sounds great!

    check it out at my myspace, i mentioned your name in the rap by the way adamack, tell me what ya think, its the first song on their, “i keep flying”

    would apreciate your feed back, thanks


    i know i work quick!


    this are very good shit

  35. 10/10 . That’s the way to set it off in 2010. Adamack’s the shit. Bet! I’mma start work on this one asap!


  37. sick piece man<33


  38. ****

    make my life easier


    sorry pressed subit by accident

    as i said, great track

  39. YEAH FIRST!!!


    im about to go in on this, nice track, man this shittt is doppppppppppppe

    adamack, i think ill buy this exclusivly yo! let me get 500 $$$ and we will talk hahahah :)
    10/ 10 as good as on lock, better then across teh room, these beats with hooks on em realy

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