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Jan 05 2010 | BPM: 89 | Producer: 2Deep
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58 Feedback

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Deep, emotional Spanish and electric guitars with a splash of pianos and strings over steady drums.

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58 Feedback to “Hail”

  1. i love this beat so much if someone could please send it to me thatd be awesome!

  2. man when is this gonna be available again! i got some dope shit ready for this!!

  3. this is a dope beat! 1 of the dopest Ive heard from you if anyone has it plz send it to

  4. cool!


  5. Please send

  6. ELo ma ktos instumental tego?
    HI Who have instrumental this beats?
    Please send
    Prosze o wysłańie

  7. Does anybody can send me that beat on ?

  8. can i use this beat for a non- proffit song ?

    does anybody can send me that beat on

    @deki, my email is:

    @deki, If U get it please send it 2 me, thanks!

    @p1rate-one, does anybody can send me that beat on ?

  9. fuck i wanted 2 buy this hoe

  10. damn i luv it


  12. nice beat man

  13. 好東西

  14. First of all I want to comment on 2deep, I’ve been listening to a couple of ur beats and they are musical scores, I’m a fan of what I’ve heard, this beat is much like the place I live in the caribbean, so its very inspiring/island-esque, a great piece with the spanish guitar to spit da mind out,I would def be stoked if a fellow shadowville member can understand and e-mail me this mp3 to enjoy for always. the first thing I actually wrote before this was:)

    Hail 2deep
    Music brethren/MC’s,
    please e-mail me this mp3,
    so I can release my sonic energy,
    Ok! I just realized I unwillingly rhymed this plea,
    for a first degree hip-hop beat, now I must roll on,
    so please take a seat and hear me spit,
    cypher quality - mind astronomy - music hystory
    rap spit-ology, pirate symphony… I rhyme for keeps.

    mystic Jane so fly my witz
    like diamond glitz. like shaolin fists
    like chronic spliffs - like timeless ticks
    my clocks dont sleep
    tic-toc my spits
    I rep my streets
    I shred 16’s
    I burn pristine
    I play to win
    the battles spin
    knock down some chins
    all Hail 2deep
    this beat’s 2sick
    like jordan kicks
    hot like my chicks.

    P.S. If any of u fellow MC’s can spare a minute and send me the mp3 file i would be very grateful and stoked, my e-mail:

    @p1rate-one, i got it want it ?

    @esemger, ay man could you please send me the beat! i would really appreciate it. thanks

    Cool! If you can send it, It would be really nice of you.
    I appreciate it

  15. I got this beat, any1 want?
    Add at Windows live Messenger and I’ll send you.


    @kinball, youd make my day if you sent me this beat!

    please send this beat to me at i would really appreciate it

    Please send this beat to me at

    @kinball, yeah man if u have the mp3 i’d be stoked 2 get it, my email:
    thanks bro!!

  16. OK! 顶

  17. Very good instrumental but for that not this one frees to the unload?
    I sit it it is that I do not have money but
    I am charmed with it your work is magnificent

  18. zajebisty,wchodzi w ucho :)

  19. email is anybdy dt gt dis email it sfe

  20. ok g dis beat is sickkkkkkkk it brought back memories of wen i ws in mexico n sum creul shit happened n all.. i wanna write to this g any1 hu cn send it me wuld apreciate it giv u a shout to it on d outro still sfe

  21. How to download?

  22. Excellent 2Deep.

  23. im glad i got this downloaded on time haha

    @ogenhagen, me too :D

  24. FUCK!!!
    Clearly i wasnt fast enough, could someone pleaaase man just tell me how to get ma hands on the beat :O

  25. this song should be called the lonely mexican becuz it sounds like a beat that a mexican guy at night playing his guitar wit a bottle of tequila hella drunk just playin the night away….


  27. kicking is too poor, just regulate that thing and you are on good way to made a perfect thing!!!! Respect from Serbia!!!

  28. 2deep aint just my fav producer on this website but like when i compare him 2 other producers who are famous his beats are better 2 me!… no disrespect 2 premo dre n alla them they legends but 2deeps an upcoming producing vet!

  29. oh man, seriously 5/5 you are my favorite producer.I love all your beats,most my songs i have produced i have on ya beats. Good work man

  30. The guitar and the end killed me… So great… 5/5

  31. Damn its not only the guitar thats good, LOOK AT THE HOT PIANO IN THE BACKGROUND ! I LOVE THAT ! latino Style

  32. yup another dope beat, not a big superize ya digg. verrry fuching hot. 5/5* yes dope. Yes sick, yes ill, yes freakin awsome.

  33. siiickk

    the guitars sound like the guitars in Hypnotize by Biggie :P

  34. Oh my fucking God, I can’t believe this man, this beat came right on TIME ! I just made a rap out of another beat, Xzibit’s “Thank you” but couldn’t find the instrumental of it, and then you go make a beat that also starts out with a chorus and sounds freakin awesome, gotta a lot of love for you 2Deep

  35. this beat is hard bro, this is by far your best beat to date, im likin this one. love the strings. top banana 5/5


  37. dope <3

  38. Guitars are ill

  39. dope shit man.. luv the guitars..

  40. check this shit :D

  41. I heard ten seconds of it and then hit the download buttom. Sohotfresco is right, this is gonna end up Unavailable any day now. Better hit the Download button and put this beat to some personal use lol.

  42. Dope.

  43. very legit. respect

  44. damn!, this goes hard…people better hurry & download cuz this about 2 be unavailable in a few

  45. Dopeness

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