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Jan 07 2010 | BPM: 84 | Producer: 2Deep
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43 Feedback

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Smooth, relaxing piano and wah guitars over atmospheric string pads.

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43 Feedback to “Tension”

  1. ScHoolboy Q - Druggys Wit Hoes


    Congrats on being on the “Ghetto Boy” track!

  3. give me a download link

  4. made a track to this and my freind made a video
    check out these

  5. this the dopest beat ive heard you do. i didnt bless this shit..but i got some shit.

  6. real/recognize/real

  7. man that shit you did right before you dropped it, with the macth….so incredibly epic.

  8. roooooocccckinnnng

  9. realy what ever they say but i like this man
    made rhymes

  10. Nice Beat..

  11. It´s REAL

    To Spain

  12. It´s REAL

    To Spain

  13. Dont ever be like hala x do you man. Thats why you are who you are. I got you…. Be easy

  14. good

  15. Beats bloody amazing love it, nice one, gonna use it. Strife Divine, you’ve used it well, nice one i like it.

    By the way the last comment is from a Turkish dude saying that its nice but wouldn’t suit our Turkish style.

    I’m about to prove him wrong ;)
    Skald, ekle sana nasil uyuyo gosteriyim ;)

  16. bence guzel ama bızım turklere uymaz :) perfect perfect amerıcan style

  17. hey i am a chinese , ur beats is realy realy damn sick!!! i love it ~~!! 太牛B了

  18. الحن نااايسسس

  19. thanks..

  20. Good shit bro. Real track on da way!

  21. good job..

  22. eres el puto jefe man

  23. iyiymiş işte trkiyede daha sağlam beatler var yavşaklar :D

  24. Süper

  25. wasd you must be new to shadowville

  26. download?

  27. DAMNNN ! Great Job G

  28. SICK BEAT its TIme To get HIGH!!!!!!!:)

  29. porra 2deep catem conta

  30. very very dope Beat

  31. ukl

  32. love your work <3

  33. man, i know u r sayin’ your drums are underground.. but your beats are still too dope, to let them sound like each other of yours, just because the drums..
    i dunno how to explain because my english isn’t very well because i’m from germany.. but do you know what i wanted to say?

    i cant understand why you dont want to take other drums.. but its you decission ..
    u know your beats are dope as hell..

  34. @mwtrboy - Your retarded b.. Really?? Complaining about a snare? get the fuck out of here! so sad..

    By the way, i must stress this again.. THIS BEAT IS FUCKEN ILLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

  35. nice beat!! btw, check out


  37. pretty damn sick

  38. dawg use some different snares keep usin the same ones b..where hala-x at

  39. Yeah, this beat is bad ass.. had to bless it awhile back


  40. 2deep never gets away from the underground sounding drums….cant knockem for it i guess….



    link me there if u wanna hear real life rap/hip-hop, 1

  43. yo G,what it is, im gonna write to this 1,might just buy rights of usage ,keep em’ bangin kidd,1
    its a badd beat,dark and gloomy plot for a story setting or uprising!,its real hip-hop rap there on my main website…
    chk it out real quick G

    Best Regards,

    G-block Ent

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