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Let's Play

Jan 14 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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15 Feedback

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Soft and smooth, cheerful and soulful sample with laid back drums.

Moods: Happy, Soulful
Genres: Underground

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15 Feedback to “Let's Play”

  1. hell yeah I’m with arod, fuck Hala. His beats make me jealous too.

  2. aw man where u been i been fiendin a new hala x beat shit is hot keep em comin

  3. arod you just made yourself look like an ass talking shit about hala x’s beats. The reason you hate them is probably couse you dont know how to rap on them. xD

  4. Welcome Man i Like Your Beats and the new one it’s god dam cool i really like it
    keep going

    Peace From Makhloof.X

  5. sickkkkkkk 5/5 eff off arod

  6. hala-x is back with that soulful feell hell yeahh

  7. i hate your beats

  8. yesssssssss! ILL fuckin’ NASTY!

  9. I don’t comment on too many of Hala-x’s beats, but this one is groovy.5/5*

  10. Long live the king!

  11. Finally a new Hala X beat, and it’s worth the wait. Hot!

  12. Hala’s back slapping kids in the face with the old-school spiked bat. 5/5.

  13. Finally he’s been resurrected! Not the best but it’s good to see you back 3/5

  14. Its nice but i would put more life into the drums…these underground drums be havin no energy to em

  15. Been A minute now since ive heard a hala x beat keep it fam. Straight fire

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