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Bad Attitude

Jan 27 2010 | BPM: 140 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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35 Feedback

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Dark synths with heavy electric guitars on a double tempo drum pattern.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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35 Feedback to “Bad Attitude”

  1. cialis generic

  2. i want to donwload this beat,i can?


  4. what up fam, me and boys did WORK on this track…hella sick…too bad it ain’t available…if you wanna hear what we got to it get at me,

  5. This beat is hot! Anybody know where u can get some good free synth vst’s

  6. haha i got dis beat before it ws unavailable what a beastly beat!!!

  7. how can i get dis shit man cuz dis iz str8 fire

    ropt kush e mer kete kenge

  8. fucking sick

    ti re o kari ca ke apo te qi kurven fucccckkkkkkkkkk serbia

  9. that stuffs dope man!

  10. feeling this monster, gonna create something grime style to it

  11. i really love this beat it has the right speed for me and still i can harmonies my rappin …the best beat i heard in here.

  12. sick i wish i could dl it

  13. This beat is slammin. I hear some fast rap on the verses and some smooth singin’/rappin’ on the verses. Incredible beat. Keep up the good work. Hope you make money on this track ’cause it deserves recognition.

  14. i will downloaD this beat….thankz ma bro…thats so0o hot

  15. very nice

  16. süper imeshon pozitif peat hımmmm okey :D

  17. this song is very nice :b
    i like it

  18. that was pretty sick billy… n nice beat btw

  19. thanks for the input infantry

  20. billy killy u cnt possibly b serious man, wtf is wrong wit u learn how 2 record n most importantly how 2 spit u sound ridiculous. beat sounds a whole lot bttr witout u on it buddy

  21. This is my shit! lol.. actually workin on a track to this.. Let me know what you think .. it’s the first song in the player “KiddFromKansas”

  22. djstash ur a fukin retard< how do u figure this is da best beat on this site . no offense nice beat juss not as incredible as this jackass makes it out 2 b, have u listened 2 hamburger shyt now datz amazing

  23. Bringing that fire as always guys! I’m loving that grungy bass and melody mixed with these drums. Switches tempos as keeps it enteresting, offers a lot for us quick spitters. Another knocker from the Unbeatable! =)

  24. this is a hot ass beat

  25. fukin amazin !!!!

  26. Damn FRANTIC… I got shot and a crackhead stabbed me with a bloody needle while the cops were coming

  27. Some dope shit right here.This beat is definetly unique.The Unbeatables strike again!!

  28. GREAT !

  29. unbeatables = hard beats as hell. almost every beat is dope, and perfect for me who can flow pretty fast. keep it up 5/5

  30. Damn yo! This some HEAVY ass sounding NES type shit! That melody is nuts yo.. Those double time drums are sick too.. Makes me wish i had a fast flow to fit it.. BUT….a slow flow would work well with these drums too.. Good shit 2Deep and Allrounda! 5/5


  32. nice

  33. Dope!

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