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When She Looks At Me

Feb 02 2010 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Slantize
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23 Feedback

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Melodic pop beat with lots of catchy synths and strings over heavy hitting kicks and claps.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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23 Feedback to “When She Looks At Me”

  1. BEST BEAT ON SHADOWVILLE TO TIME … damn i need it if anyone can send it to me

  2. guys it’s almost a year waitin for someone to reply :S if anyone have the beat reply me asap thank you

  3. Slant plz if anyone has already downloaded this beat, can you send it to my email: plz reply thank you

  4. Wish I could download this beat again, here it’s 1:27 am full of energy and writting a big hit on it !!! Slant can you plz unlock this sick beat ??

  5. oops here’s the real working link***

  6. “when she looks at me” ft. poetic murder

    I made a club banger with your sick beat man. Slantize what do you think? your music is are out of this world dude


    I made a club banger with your sick beat man. Slantize what do you think? your music is are out of this world dude

  8. Beat is pretty nice, but the transitions do sound out of place…

  9. yea slant i feelin this one. I cud see em ladies shakin dey asses on this one. Need a contact 4u tho. I do my music fo da love of it…Gettin signed soon i belive…Sumwhere in da near future.:) Check out Bankrollin n Path to Greatness. Im doin some good justice to ur beats mon…

    Bless still

  10. i’m writing to this beat right now… and it’s gonna be a club banger trust…

  11. I’m really digging the drum line, we need more beats like these, This beat is not for everyones ears but it sure blows mine away, Keep it up, an A deffinite

  12. very sexy vibing to this, damn its good. anothersong to push my vocals and exectue my lyrics!

  13. slant finally decided to feed the fishes. Thank you, oh thank you for gracing us with your presence LMFAO… There beat is crazy, sounds perfectly fine in my opinion.

  14. wheres slantize still on shadowville this beats awesome

  15. This is the great beat wow!!!!!

  16. check out all my music i use a lotta your beats…

  17. Slantize this beat is amazing man… it gives me strength

  18. Hell Yea Mane 5/5 All Day Hope You Post Some More Through Out The Month

  19. the instruments sound “cheap” to me. gotta say i’m a bit disappointed your first beat in however too long is this.

  20. yeah i agree… the transition aint soo guud… but het nice beat all in all

  21. i dont want to sound like to a$$hole of the bunch.. but this transition on this sounds off to me… from the intro to the verse there were just too many elements being added in on top of each other….i would have kept it simple on the intro and built up toward the end of the verses and showed the hell out on the hooks…but dude.. its a hot beat…do what ya do

  22. slantize has returned

  23. usually i dont like club type beats, but this ones dope.


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