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Let's Do It

Feb 11 2010 | BPM: 70 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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20 Feedback

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Real grimey east atlanta type street music with horns, bells, and eerie synths over heavy bass.

Moods: Dark, Silly

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20 Feedback to “Let's Do It”

  1. Soooooooon las mejoress!!!

  2. How can I pay to download this beat…I really want this!!

  3. My brother uses bunch of your beats on this mixtape


  5. i get 2 50 about to cop a four luko where you get em at at the corner stor o

  6. siiick beat..

  7. west coast beats west coast beats west siiiiiiiiiiide

  8. the best dirty south beat ever… your my favorite producer but i want to hear your west coast beats. west coast beats pllllllllllllllllease

  9. you know sombodies gotta be a hater knightlion a hoe do what ya do

  10. Tod Man Dude you da next generation FoE Real o

  11. Tod Man Dude you da next generation FoE Real

  12. FIRE period

  13. the best beat ever. your are the king of dirty south beats.keep going man god bless you.

  14. ^^^ dis kid must be fuckin kiddin me…this beat is hot my brother…ADP better watch out cuz sum1s takin his spot

  15. another beat that sounds like somethin you could find anywhere…when are we gonna get shit on shadowville that sounds even a little bit original….ya know, like how it used to be

  16. It Has The Tag Mane So You Can Sleep Good Lol This Shit Is Hype

  17. I guess we all can sleep easy. And by all, I mean U. hahaha

  18. oh weird, nevermind for some reason when i kept playin it was skippin the first second or two

  19. did i really upload this without my tag on the front? i must be losing my fucking mind.

  20. I think your beats go hard

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