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Just Another Day

Feb 23 2010 | BPM: 87 | Producer: 2Deep
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32 Feedback

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Smooth, soulful piano and electric guitar based sample with steady kicks and clap snares.

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32 Feedback to “Just Another Day”


  2. hey bro i made my own version of this song using the same sample is that ok i like how it turned out it will never compare to yours but i just wanted to know if its coo sick beat by the way one of my faves:)

  3. yo bro my names woody , im from a little country called new zealand. im working on a demo at the momment and was wanding the price for Exclusive copy of this beat. hit me up on cheers dude.


  5. yo thi is ya boybricks got my own label Soull Asassin Records hit me on my site lets do some bi

    @bricks2010, iment

    @bricks2010, im a put some dues on this shit isee how u like it

  6. I killed this one check it out

  7. check out ur beats been used by real nigs.. duns frm ma hood..

  8. YO! 2Deep…Its Malique here..Frm Africa Botswana..I dig wat u doing nd loving ur loving this one here…i jumped on it with ma people nd killed.. hope u lyk wat u hear…check it out.

  9. I gave it a try, check it out and tell me what you think about it.

    @greensus, this is sick as !!! who’s that on second verse.?

    @tomsissons, hey thnks, in the second verse it’s me
    If you want to check my works just visit
    im gonna take out a solo album ‘Su Real’ with my own productions
    Big Up from Barna!

    @greensus, heavy would you be up to collab, if so email me at


    @vladin, sick, email me fam, and we’ll talk

  10. i´m again badis please fuck me hard….,.. arrrrrrr

  11. lovin it!10/10

  12. What can I say, this beat is flowy. waves of the ocean break at my ears. Off the chains my brother.Trisha up there sellin wolf ticketts again. What the hell has Genre got to do with it, just buy the damn beat already. Someones gonna skoop it up, and drop it like a fat kid on a teeder todder. buy it! I would but I’m a broke ass cracker.LOL!

  13. intros dope

  14. Hello i am armin i am a songer in iran cant you product a beat 6 8 like arab or iranian music

  15. Isn’t this like the only beat by 2deep that doesnt have any of those grimass open high hats? :D Great beat, 5/5

  16. I like the dark feel you have too all your beats. your sit is dope keep up the good work.

  17. just …… Dream!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Very nice beat but I don’t like the hiss sound on the background of the beat.

  19. This is freaking dope Deep…5/5 :)

  20. This is like the only beat that 2deep doesn’t use open high hats, isnt it?

    5/5 anyway, great beat. might use it sometime :D

  21. Badis thinks this beat is a handjob

  22. very very good handjob

    - Badis

  23. my name is badis i love you

  24. Wow, how soulful is that!!!! 5/5 very very sweet. If you do a dance/pop that gives off that kind of feel, I am on it. sold. If the was the genre I needed it would have already been a done deal. Almost worth changing the genre we are in…LOL

    What is there not to like about 2deep?….nothing…because what is there not to like about perfection?. Great job!

  25. come on dude, this shit is too dope.

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