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Made For TV

Jul 08 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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26 Feedback

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110 BPM. Emergency-broadcast message-like intro drops into a fresh snap beat with whistles and synths.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club

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26 Feedback to “Made For TV”

  1. LOL omg, that’s great. Brokencyde - Band Tee

  2. ima get on this, this shit right here is Hpyhy. this is a dope club song
    check out my music

  3. hadi Len

  4. BAND TEE by Brokencyde

  5. BrokeNcyde song….. thats where you’ve heard it before.

  6. sick beat fo sho…

  7. yo man this joint rite hurr
    is dope
    fo realz

  8. dawg me and my brotha are making dis album so as soon as I get mih money straight ima problly liscence this 1

  9. 2 words Dat mug new song Fish Tank june 6 ats coming out

  10. $ick as beat cuddie yadidimean lovein that dirty $outh $nap muzic that $hit 4$lap

  11. i aint a big fan of snap music pero u did tha damn thing on hea tight work

  12. This Beat is Fuckin Tight!!!

  13. This Beat is Fuckin Tight!!

  14. This Beat is Fuckin Tight!

  15. This beat sounds great slowed down at a ratio of 108%. Which works out to about 102 bpm. Seriously, try it out. It might just be cause I live in Texas though. But it’s really easier to rock.

  16. catch ish man nice work i like those deep synth

  17. this is alot better then the snap music on the radio man, and that’s saying alot. i liked the melody in this one

  18. shit sounds tight but the biggining with the noise is kinda annoying but who the f*** am i to judge right…but the rest is hott mane…top 2…l8r peace!!!


  19. All I can say is it’s hot!

  20. this beat sounds like ive herd it before??

  21. illness…i had to go get vaccinated coz of this shit.

  22. aha at first i thought my speakers blew out but then wen the beat kicked in i was like ooo sick, great stuff Slantize, never ceases to amaze me whole crew is hella talented….ive seen beat groups that only like two of the members know what their doing lol

  23. this sounds like a game beat

  24. Yea I rate this a lot, the synths & whistles are a sick touch, props

  25. wow,, like that curious from enzo…
    nice job again slan.

    those whistles and synths are sick

    complete sick..


  26. I like this beat a lot, I like the Made for TV song with Chance too.

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