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I'ma Do Me (With Hook)

Mar 02 2010 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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32 Feedback

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String and brass progression with catchy piano strums, with also a great hook laced by Marka.

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32 Feedback to “I'ma Do Me (With Hook)”

  1. Hook lyrics? :)

  2. Hey man love this beat. I hopped on the track a little while ago. Let me know what you think??


    Follow me on twitter @Snypamusic


  5. word man i need word from the hook :(

  6. everyone who wanted the beat version of this, it is now available on this site @

    @Nine Diamond, yo son i crushed this beat u do nice work checc me out

  7. This is great listen to what i got so far, also just leting you know i’m just 14 : Imma do me ti’ll the end. Me is no preten. Cuz me like to spend, also i like you girl but what the name of your freind, and ya I tend to act a lil’ rude. But how am i supposed to act when theres no food………..on the table. Do you think i’m able to bring back this act that held me up high. : Tell me what ya think

  8. Without words it will be better or let all beat sing this guy!!!!

  9. Very Hot Beat!!!!

  10. Marka goes super hard, but everyone is right, this beat can be so versatile, you should have a non hook version.
    Dope beat anyways. 5/5

  11. Nine I Love Your Beats With Hooks I Hope You Post A Few More This Week You The Man!!

  12. I love it man. What you use on the beats? I’m on that Reason, and I’m trying to figure out how to get on Shadowville? Been a minute since I been on here

  13. i agree to many hooks still like it tho jus downloaded it Welcome to Shadowvill keep up the sick work

  14. i agree wit s1d11746 to many hooks still like it tho jus downloaded it Welcome to Shadowvill keep up the sick work

  15. i agree wit s1d11746 to many hooks still like it tho jus downloaded it Welcome to Shadowvill keep up the sick work…

  16. Take out the hook, and you have a 5/5 beat. It doesn’t fit what a lot of us could use it for. Still a dope hook, but take it out bro. it would be alot better. NO HOOK! Vote no hook.

  17. You are good but do not put with hook.. bye

  18. I Love This Beat!!…Please Upload without Hook….

  19. Yo Diamond congrats,But the hooks sounds the same just like other beats with hooks (Marka hooks).Please upload the beats ‘without hook’ too it will sell like hotcakes.

  20. Yo I’m loving this, and writing to it already but I feel like the hook is just a tad bit choppy… You should have your boy rearrange the hook so it flows a little smoother

  21. Welcome To The Team Nine New You Had What It Takes And Would Fit In Perfect Hope To Hear Some More Bangers From You I Love Your Work And Love The Hooks By Marka Goes Great With Your Beats

  22. Haha! I’d New You’d Make it Nine!

  23. nine diamond is on shadowville now! hell ya welcome homie this doo got bangerz!

  24. is he a new beatMaker in Shadow ?

  25. yeh would be nicer without the hook bruv. who does these hooks? yourself?

  26. you should put up a version without the hook. the beat is dope though. very nice

  27. I would like it more without the hook.

    Its still a good beat, but i prefer to do my own hook’s :)

  28. dude i love the tune i kicked am a,azin flow to it welcome to shadowville n if i ever get good enough ur beat would be a privaliage to work with welcome to shadowville

  29. yes it is :)

  30. Is this the same dude that came on here asking how to get there beats on this site? LOL congrats if it is.

  31. Welcome to Shadowville.

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