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Mar 10 2010 | BPM: 77 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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12 Feedback

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Great guitar lead blended with atmospheric pads and synths over commercial drums.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B

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12 Feedback to “Impact”

  1. Stromectol

  2. i’ll download dis beat….thankz man

  3. i did a track to this… chatttownhiro

  4. i did a track to this…

  5. i did a track to this…

  6. I dono why people hating on u man.. ur good…
    i love ur pad and ur drum use.. good work man
    cheak my stuff too

  7. wow… i’m amazed by this beat…
    good job dude…. it’s beautiful
    i’m really impressed.

  8. I like NINE DIAMONDS beats cuz he makes RNB / POP styles of beats .. thats what im looking for !

  9. Yo Nine…

    I’m feeling this man. I like the ‘mood’ it envokes…inspiration…when you listen to it.

    Intro - Nice….smooth…gradual…fits nicely.

    Track - Love the kick drum on this…the synths…the chant…all that. The overall harmony of the tracks is ill. The rhythm of this track is almost has a Native American feel to it.

    I’ve def been checking for your stuff. I’ve purchased Tracks from other producers on here, and I’m sure one of yours will be added to the list soon. I’ve been going through your catalog lately..trying to find the right one. Easier said than done…


    Maceo Tha Grammargod

  10. Crooked fucking I

    Tech fucking Nine

    would kill this beat.

    its a crazy beat , i like it

  11. Pretty hot beat fam. Someone with an ill flow could tear this beat to shreds.

  12. Dopeness.

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