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Dec 25 2010 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Tristan
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24 Feedback

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Spooky trap beat with an epic orchestra sample layed over 808 drums and synths.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Silly
Genres: Dirty South

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24 Feedback to “Packs”

  1. Oh damn you. This was on my “to do_ list. I don’t even know now if I should bother. Can’t top this sheeit.

  2. shit gave me chills when i first heard it…thumbs up

  3. beetlejuice beat…no one else can touch it…now if you want a challenge flip the “dont speak” by No doubt…you flip that my niggs…and get it right…instant classic

  4. are you fuckin serious? I was going for the license tonight! Ive had it written but i was going to record it tommorow!!!!!!!! WTF dude this is super urgent homie please get at me I need to talk to whoever bought this shit super bad man maybe i can work something out with them

  5. Haha no surprise it’s already sold ! BANGER !

  6. i dont know how the hell you do it but shadowville has thier beat maker of the century right here no one NO ONE on this site makes dirty south beats as good as you man keep doin what you do

  7. awwww fuck bro! why u doin em like dis? u killin it wit dis shit! im bout to write to dis, ill let u know when im done bro!

  8. i have 8 new beats on my Youtube page

  9. its b. juice! ha sweet

  10. i swear tristan has to be removed from this site…no one else is getting play now lol…keep killing shit homie


    @reed401, Yes tristan understands that it really aint “dirty” if it dont knock in da whip,lol

  12. this shit is hot

  13. love the tails from the crypt sample! gos well.

    @equinox42069, Epic fail, this is BEETEJUICE all day. 1 of my favorite movies

    @kew c.r.e., It’s from the Beetlejuice cartoon, not sure if it’s the same song from the movie though.

  14. Do you make a new beat everyday? Or do you just add ones you previously made? Not very many online producers make a beat everyday, this is sick tho I really like it, even tho a lot of your beats are very similar, they always have a unique quality in each one, good work man, I’m starting to like your beats more and more…

  15. i love all your beats they are my favorite. out of the web sites for beats i go to yours are best thank you i have had fun rapping on them

  16. damn bananas

  17. Gotta give it to you. You killin shit….

    @demoni_ent, Appreciate it

    @Tristan, tomorrow. Im in afghan right now, my bad for the break in the reply

    @Tristan, imma throw somethin on that see if you like it, i will post it here probally t

  18. this shyt is nutz

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