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Jan 05 2011 | BPM: 96 | Producer: Adamack
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51 Feedback

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Laid back pop beat with motivational piano, synths, and club elements.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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51 Feedback to “Always”

  1. Soooooooooo gooooood !!!!


  3. my version of this song

  4. This sounds like SummerTime by Beyonce

  5. too bad this beat dont have the exculsive for sale or I’d buy it!

  6. gooooooooood

  7. hello. i am interesten on Exclusive Rights License for this beat. please kontact me. sorry for bad english.



    Hope you like it!!!

  10. mantapp!

  11. Some may not think so but this is the beat that I’ve been looking 4. Gospel

  12. this is a anointed track, for rappers such as myself you have to go deep on this track, you can’t just rap on the top of it.

  13. here it is.

  14. go checkl out my remix on youtube under david guetta title =]

  15. Amazing Beat! Wrote A Song :) “Crazy For You”
    You can listen to it here:

    Let me know what you think ^_^ Thanks Chelsea-Mahea Aka: C-Mah

    @chelseamahea, hey I just checked out your song and it has a nice ring to it! good work!

  16. OMG! This beat is too crazy! Just wrote a song!

  17. Check out what I did with this beat

  18. check my version, let me know wat ya think

    من یه پسر 18 سالم اهنگسازی سبک رپ میکنم
    اگه میخان کارامو ببینین یه سر به وبلاگم بزنید

  20. Check Out Wat i Did with your beat!! feedback is much appreciated

  21. nicee beat

  22. kinda just threw some things together hope ya like your beats tight

  23. DKM hum bua gio tim beat nay…………………….hahahahahaha

  24. nice beat plan to use it its insprational to me hit you up when i get done with it

  25. iiii like your beat meeennnnnn…..its so amazing and i so motherfucking lioke it…i kiss uu

  26. this beat is my favourite dude, I already wrote lyrics and finalized it a long time ago. Thanks for this great inspiration!

  27. thanks im going to make a hit off your beat

  28. damn hot

    yoooo ADAMACK here is the official track to it its amazing and sooo meaningful. Its calld Reflections. Tank you so much for these amazing beats and i plan to keep using them.

    @lyr1x, Eh Man :) Tatally Diggin’ it. Great Job!!! :)

    @chelseamahea, *totally

    @lyr1x, sick!!!! :)

  30. inspiring! makes me wanna write about that special someone in my life

  31. actually is their a way to sample this over youtebe or something


  33. mình thích ông đây rồi

  34. this beat sounds femilair

  35. have any artist use these beats on here

  36. The best Beat of adamack

  37. I’m a big fan of many of your beats… This is definately inspiring. Keep it up.

  38. very good
    i think this is not sad
    is this ?

  39. this is crazy.very nice
    adamack, which vsti did you use for piano?

  40. cool .. this beat feels like if we’re missing someone because a happy memory. so like confused should feel sad or happy

  41. aye dis beat go hard is there a way i can use dis in my mixtape

    @mcarn37, Yeah you can buy it

  42. beautiful beat, one of the best.. good job adamack, you’re fantastic!


  43. This is tight, very uplifting!!! Way to go bro

  44. check my beatz

  45. almost sound like ”Winter of the heart” dope though

    @dok holmes always, at least the piano in the beginning reminds me of that

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