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Crying Angels

Jan 05 2011 | BPM: 94 | Producer: Allrounda
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20 Feedback

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Dark piano melody with overdrive electric drums and epic choirs over heavy hip hop drums.

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20 Feedback to “Crying Angels”

  1. This shit is DOPE!

  2. If giving diffrent links is illegal here, I’ll just say the tittle of the track on YT:
    “Ciemna Strefa - Nie trac sily”
    Track with above beat.
    That’s polish underground rap squad, check this out

  3. Here is a track with this beat.
    That’s polish underground rap squad, check this out :)

  4. this is indeed art, can u make it at 528Hz ?

    Here is a bit so far:

    And new silent sounds,
    make it easy for the enemy,
    to scramble ur mind and keep u dumbed down,

    and i agree with surrogate activities,
    u never get the real feeling
    of being free,

  5. halllo

  6. is it okay to make this a song for my mixtape?

  7. mayne speechless ryt now mayne

  8. Peace Allrounda,

    I have purchase a license on this beat and am currently recording a track for distribution. Would you like to hear the finished product after it has been mixed and master? Let me know.
    Peace and respect

    @100%Real, yes… put it up,


    Cool, I will be recording a draft tomorrow or the next day for you to check it out. Where would I post it at for your listening?
    I am new hear to this site so please forgive me. I have not learned how to navigate it that well yet.

    @100%Real, friend me on facebook and post it there

    I will be contacting you on facebook but being that the verse I have recorded is only a Draft/Demo I’m not sure I want to post it on facebook. If we could possibly exchange emails I would much rather do it that way. Otherwise I will post the finished product on face book when it is cleaned up and ready for promotional use.

    @100%Real, ya,

  9. Great work Allrounda! I love piano melodies with hard hitting, steady drum patterns.. This beat is perfect! The choir adds to it beautifully too! 5/5

  10. off the hook! been outta bussines for some time, but this one pulls me back so bad… tnx allrounda, a damn fine piece of art…. 5/5

  11. i can most definitly make a hit on dis track and send it to yu thru email

  12. totally gonna spit to this

  13. hot !
    btw , check my beatz check my beatz

  14. Cool man.continue your job;)

  15. Damn man, seriously you gotta keep puttin shit out like this and porcelian. This is hot. 5/5 keep it up, glad to have you on sv to keep my darker sided tracks feed.

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