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Worth My Time (With Hook)

Jan 05 2011 | BPM: 91 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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47 Feedback

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Uplifting acoustic guitar beat with live drums and a bit of synths. Hook by Dubbs.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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47 Feedback to “Worth My Time (With Hook)”

  1. I purchased a license from you on this track yesturday. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on making this instrumental. Also the singer that did the hook i want to thank him as well for his hard work. Both of you have done everything you can into this song. However there is just one more person to complete this to make it a final 3 man effort. That person is me. Every track as you know has a destiny and what makes this so special is what was meant to be…. On Christmas Day go to You Tube and search Rapper Jimmy James. Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a Happy New Year….

    @rapperjimmyjames, Here is the link of the version

  2. ayo dude Dubbs does sick ass hooks for real!!!!!!! he puttin in work on all his shit….but i really dont think he put any time into this at all!!!!!! and ive tried to make a beat but i can only get the basic concept so i know how hard makin beats really is! But this beat also had no time put into it!!!!


  3. liqe liqe this son is good

  4. thts dope made a short rhyme 2 this bout my ladie XD idk jus seemed right at list she likes it mayne thanx peeps peace

  5. sick im going to have to drop something on this beat

  6. check out my version i had to do somethin on this beat. i love yalls beats there sick, check out my stuff.

  7. I re posted My Mix on Worth my Time This is the working link if you wanted to check it out HAve a good one looking forward to hearing future Atomic Beats
    Jimmy Rock

  8. Again i must say Atomic Beats is the Bomb !!!! I jammed out to shadows and here is my rip on worth my time, Happy Listening Thanks guys for creating killer beats
    Official Jimmy Rock
    Check it out at :

  9. i want rap this…^^

  10. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

  11. shit im downloading dis 2 use

  12. fuckin’ awesome beat, im doing some work on it but in norwegian though :)

  13. Hi men nice beat ;), I rap in 6 different languages (spanish,galician,english,german,swiss,italian) ,cause of my job, i’m cabin crew.
    If you need a person for any hook, I would help you.
    thank you for attending me ;) PEACE

  14. I had to throw it down to your dope beat. check me out :)

  15. Love the beat, just went in on this track today…

    Check it out, subscribe and like it :)

    @high stakez, Nice firend… Thx for useing it

  16. im here for da music & that beat sounds pretty dam good.

  17. I have a question. Pries did a song to this beat 2 months before it dropped on this site.

    why is this beat on here like 2 months later?
    and does he not have rights to it. im comfused and that seems fishy to me for some reason

    @minime82592, We made this beat back in October, and Pries leased it and made a promo track to it in late October, but we still own the beat. We’re new to Shadowville (we were accepted at the beginning of January) and we started by uploading some of our older beats, that’s why you might have heard a few of them before. But don’t worry, there’s nothing fishy here lol ;)

    @Atomic Beats, ahh thank you for explaining lol. i figured something like that must have been the case. i just figured Pries would have bought exclusive rights to it for some reason. Just checking, Nice beat btw, forgot to mention that in my other comment.

  18. Really, really good beat. The hook “destroys” it for my part though.
    Male singer, and… Is that autotune? Doesn’t sound very good in my ears though.
    But the beat itself is beautiful. I really like the synths and the guitar in the verses.
    Versatile production, and keep up your good work!

    @hotdogg, I’m so looking forward for the beat without the hook.

  19. prosta otpad

    @shanazar, lol si ti

  20. peep it

  21. This is dope.. it’s been a while since I’ve hopped on a beat so I might have to hop on this.

  22. nice nice nice and the voice in the hook is great too!!!

  23. check my beatz

  24. beat without hook please

  25. I will buy this exclusive right now if theres a way you can get the auto tune out the hook when you send the tracked out version?. I fuckin love this beat…get back at me

  26. This is A Masterpiece 6\5 Love How Real The Instruments Sound.
    The Pros And Cons Of Beats WIth Hooks is Variety. Beats With Hooks Are Great If Its The Feel Someones Going For. The Hardest Part Of A Song To Me Is A hook. SO If You COuld Upload both with and without a hook then it just makes youe ven better. Great Work.

    Thank you friend. Yeah we will upload all our beats without the hook also

    @Atomic Beats, This beat is a masterpiece but not feelin tha hook so much.
    I do ike beats with hooks n understand u’re goin to put this up without it
    but I wanted to say somethin about this hook….It’s sayin “hataz ain’t worth ya
    time” but makin a song about em is givin them your time. I think the hook’s good
    for lyrics to a song but wouldn’t base the song around that. Think about the
    time it takes to make fire like this. U ain’t gotta say they ain’t worth ya time, fuck
    em and keep doin you. Not to try n nit-pic but I think a different hook could
    take this beat in a whole broader direction. Don’t get me wrong tho, it’s dope
    as fuck!!! Keep brangin tha flame.

    @big hit buda,
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    But thing is, we are producers, you know… Singer job is to sing, rappers to rap but we personally don’t care how good they are doing it. (not 100% true but you know what i mean…lol).
    So all we care about is to make great beat. If people don’t like the hook, no problem we will offer version without it. It would be different situation if we write those hooks but we don’t
    We just make beats

    @Atomic Beats, was just directin that at the singer then, you did ya thang with tha track. It’s sick. It’s a totally diff sound than most. Great job

    @big hit buda, thx friend

  27. look at you dude your doin fuckin good keep that shit up WHOOP WHOOP some clown love from a juggal

  28. could you post the lyrics of the hook?

    @xsplitxfirex, sure, here are the lyrics:

    I just wanna live my life
    Gotta wave those haters off yeah
    They ain’t worth my time
    They ain’t worth my time
    I Said, I’m just tryna live my life
    No time for the bullshit baby
    It ain’t worth my time
    No, it ain’t worth my time

    @Atomic Beats, thx!

  29. dude… fucking awesome beat! love the hook! :D
    u are my new favorite producer :D haha
    keep em up :)

  30. Atomic Beats,Dude i Love Your Hooks,just Keep Doing Them With Your Beats,Their Fckin Sickk!

  31. I’d really like a run at this… minus the hook. Good job though.

    @john gee,
    wo you guys here reeally don’t like beats with hooks…
    But like i said before, after we upload versions with hook we will upload sam beats without

    @Atomic Beats, Well, I prefer to do my own hooks generally but I don’t mind beats with hooks. As a matter of fact I’m making a song right now to your “Thank God I’m Me” instrumental. I just don’t like the hook on this particular beat and would like to do something different with it. When I get with the song to your other beat what e-mail address can I send the final cut to?

  32. Fuckin Sickk,What Does The Hook Sayy?I Dont Understandd All Of Itt 10/10*

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