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Wave Goodbye To Me (With Hook)

Jan 09 2011 | BPM: 177 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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34 Feedback

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Uptempo swinging pop beat with a bit of synths, brass, and live bass. Look out for the bridge before the last hook! Acoustic guitars and vocals by DaViglio. Produced by Mart85 and Slavebell.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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34 Feedback to “Wave Goodbye To Me (With Hook)”

  1. Came across this song when I was checking out the beat. I like how dude flipped the 2nd verse.

  2. I do that with tha beat…im little famous in spain but this is for a free cd i expect you are not angry for that but i love the beat XD…if you dont understqand the spanish is a humoristic song …is like im saying to mi girfriend fuck off bith but very sutil with jokes,,,

    i wanna know your opinon if is not a porblem will be a honor for me cause the beat is yours men

  3. Actually I like it.

  4. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

  5. hey ATOMIC just wondering can i get the original track without the chorus of that girl… ?..
    can u upload that without the hook on here !! thankss

  6. Hey, if I bought the license, do I get sent each track file separatedly? Or at least the beat in wav format and the hook tracked files (acapella)?.

    @f d b, They send you the wave file of the beat. If you purchase trackouts, they’ll send you each track file separately AND the wave beat.


  8. Here ya go… i have done a ton of tracks for ShadowVille and i havent gotten any feedback from the producers and i wuld really like sum on this one. I have heard a few (Terrible) attempts to this one and i decided it deserved better than that.

  9. I never wrote a comment before and i been a member for a while, but this shit is fire


  10. man, could you tell me, from what track is the hook?

    @jotaesieka, the hook is an original creation by DaViglio, a female duo. They made a full song to the beat, and they’re gonna release it soon (February probably), if you leave me your email address, I’ll let you know when the track is released

    @Atomic Beats, me to :) send me detail info about them and date of release

    @Atomic Beats, I’m really interested :

  11. very, very nice beat!
    is it free to make a (free) mixtape with shadowville beats?
    ofcourse i will give a shoutout to shadowville for all the beats

    @roh1992, the “rules” for non-profit use are indicated when you click on “download”, you might wanna check it out, it’ll give you the answers. But basically, the answer is yes lol

    @Atomic Beats, yes I have read it, but I wasn’t 100% sure about it. Thanks for your answer!

  12. Lol @ everyone sleepin’ on this when it got posted in the forums and lovin’ it now

  13. Thank you for making _something_ different to the site!
    Really don’t like beats with hooks, but I can definately dig this one. :) You had me tapping my foot with the beat. :)

  14. this one made me laugh out loud, for real hahahaha

  15. Aye…I fuks with this Track. Its got a nice ‘feel’ to it…know what I mean? The Hook is fun…its upbeat, and I think people would like it. It sounds good sonically too (to me anyway). Props!

  16. AMAZING BEAT ! what the hook lyrics actually say ? I can’t figure out all , lol. thanks !

    @emirhere, thanks! And the lyrics are:

    Wave goodbye to me, I’m so over you
    So you wanna let go, this is so long overdue
    Don’t call me to apologize, I don’t want to hear your lies
    You blew it and you screwed it up
    Now you tryna clean it up
    Just wave goodbye to me!

  17. this excuse 4 music is just plain sad! pick up ya game, i thought this was a hip hop site not a pop concert.

    @kon187, you have to take the beat for what it is. I definately understand those who are not feeling the track, but we like to switch it up and offer something different and we’re very proud of this track. Judging from the comments so far, there are people here who really liked it, so that’s great. You can’t please everybody all the time

  18. You’ve got balls! Nice beat bruh!

  19. Your beats are sick, but this one falls into the Katy Perry catagory hahaha.. No disrespect bro

  20. yo man your beats are dope as fuck, if you get a chance hmu at, brand new and already one of the top producers, im on the same grind as a rapper man get at me and lemme know whats good

  21. Seriously one of, if not the best beat I have ever heard on this site. It’s amazing, different, and completely catchy but not in an overly cheesey way. This is a real coup for whoever gets it.

  22. I mean every thing you put out is dope, the singers you use are great, i think with a little more edgey lyrics it could be so much more.

  23. This is probably the best beat with a hook I’ve seen here. This girl, DaViglio, is really talented. Really. Keep her in your crew ! 10000/5 !!

  24. Number 1 right here is there any way i can get in touch with the singer? it would be much appreciated


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