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Jan 15 2011 | BPM: 150 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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20 Feedback

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Motivational anthem track with epic horns, choir, and electric guitar with drums that steadily build up to the hook.

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20 Feedback to “Outlaws”

  1. Prednisone

  2. I love this beat.. No matter what any other motherfucker says…. \m/ Enzo got it!

  3. sound like some shit ti would get on

  4. Damn. Props to this boy. There ain’t many free beats with kickass base and a good hook. This one+ rock the crowd= epic promo.

  5. this shit is flame my dude keep comes with both barrells

  6. i mean damn, i been listenin ta a lot o beats ta try to get sum creative flo goin and ur by far the best producer ive heard yet. props to u man.

  7. this is fu*kn ill, im still a rook, but im gettin way better..what brass do you use or horns?

  8. Absolutely insane. One of my favourites from yours !

  9. reminds me of Slash’s electric guitar cover of Speak Softly

  10. nice beat but it cant be dirty south and west coast?? two VERY different styles?

    @qsik, we run it through a series of computers. i’m just going by what the printout says. I wouldn’t focus so much on what genre it says it is, just make sweet love to it.

    @Beatg33kz, lol yea I was just pointing that out cause like, a lot of Tristan’s beats it says underground.. and I listen to them and the kings of underground would laugh cause all his shit is mainstream.. but yea you’re right Genre is whatever its just a nice beat! Good work!

  11. I love this beat, well done.

  12. that brass reminds me alot on hala`s “nothing but bad”…

    @roki, you can’t be serious

    @Beatg33kz, he was talking about the synth :).. :D

    @Beatg33kz, you got me wrong, dont mean to say that they sound the same, but the concept, style of using them here is similar… its just that, “nothing but bad” was the first thing came to my mind when i heard this one….

    I think it sounds more like Thank God I’m Me

  13. wackk

    @aac4vida, not bangin enough for “Certified Ent” ???? lol good luck w/ that

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