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Wouldn't That Be Nice (With Hook)

Jan 16 2011 | BPM: 74 | Producer: Allrounda
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28 Feedback

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Smooth hip hop beat with a rhodes piano, bells, and orchestral strings over inspiring drums. Hook by Cryptic Wisdom.

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28 Feedback to “Wouldn't That Be Nice (With Hook)”

  1. good

  2. you have to do one without hook !!!! ;)

  3. I like this…..

  4. csn anyone e-mail me this please? PLEASE!

  5. is beautifull

  6. send that beat to me

  7. i need this beat, someone send it to me if possible.

    @at ease, sent.

    @eyeconic, did you send it to my email?

  8. anyone got a copy of this beat with hook send it too me dope beat !

  9. DAMN i was to late for this one…
    If anyone has a copy or sum, plz Email or something..
    Just for the listening, this beat is sooooo sick!

    @dmikko2850, nevermind. fixed it

  10. i likes i likes

  11. [Cancel Reply]
    2 Feedback to “Until It’s Over”
    bmajah77 (1 min ago) yo g did a few songs on ya beats them just wondering how i get it to you to listen for credits g


  12. the producing is hot.

  13. Allrounda has the best drumworks on SVP. By far.
    You can’t really point out a beat and say it’s “his” style of drums.

  14. nice shit g i want to flow to it let me know after u hear me if iz kool <- dats me

  15. this beat is HARD!! well done.. im thinking of doing sumthin with this

  16. the hook i okay but would b nice 2 have it without hook.
    SVP producers used 2 do that all the time.

    Without the hook, it sound like some Pac shit 2 me.

    @kew c.r.e., i hear where ya at….it does don’t it. Use as is or buy a license….$

    @0re0, I feel what you saying about the License, but if someone likes the Track, but not the Hook so much…or the cat that singing it, then why pay for something you don’t need. If I want Pepperoni on my Pizza, I order it…but you tell us we getting pepperoni regardless, and we gotta pick them off…lmao!! Besides…you can make twice as much money off the Track with both versions. Just my persopi….

    @thagrammargod, totally agreed.

  17. daaamn homie really siick, should make more east coast beats with hooks

  18. Nice beat man, I might get at this.

  19. Sick beat..
    Can you put the lyric please!!

    @thony g, lol

    @thony g, how cant you figure out the lyrics?

  20. This beat is sick!
    I also like the words in the hook..
    It’s tight.
    Someone like me could definately blow up on this track..

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