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Extended Clips

Jan 19 2011 | BPM: 69 | Producer: Tristan
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18 Feedback

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Hard hitting southern beat with with an epic orchestral choir sample, strings, synths, and arpeggios over heavy hitting 808 drums.

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18 Feedback to “Extended Clips”

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  5. very beautiful !

  6. yeeeeeeeaaaaaa I love it!!!!!!


  8. this is some gangsta shit

  9. hey man im 16 young and im tryin do a song for my crew called extended clips and then i found this beat is it ok if i use this

  10. I’m not strong in English, i’ll write feedback by Russian language))) Translate)))

    Man, просто нет слов чтобы описать твою работу, инструментал качает, и качает не по детски))) Нам бы на Украину таких как ты побольше)))

    Присоеденяюсь к коментариям - ЭТО РЕАЛЬНО ОГОНЬ!!!!!

  11. haha WoW sample

  12. FIRE ! 5/5

  13. Now this is a beat tristan!!! :D FIIRRREEEEEE!!!!

  14. My 2nd favourite from you, after “Flip Out”. I’mma lease that one fo sho’. This is SICK.

  15. lmfao your gonna love this

  16. that choir is sayin iada which is god in enochain you need to keep makin shit like this i can make this all about black magick an shit watch

  17. badass tune! that orchestral choir lifted it on the whole another level…. 5000/5

  18. Oh shit!
    It is Stormwind song…. thats great man, i like it :)

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