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Jan 20 2011 | BPM: 92 | Producer: Allrounda
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40 Feedback

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Inspiring violins and brass with a funky bassline combined with smooth, uptempo drums.

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40 Feedback to “Tradition”

  1. need it man i need it no joke. like you need money i got money. ill buy now.

  2. i need this beat im willing to pay big. need it asap make available.

  3. Can u sed me this beat ? Its Very , Very Good ! ;)


  4. super

  5. WOW, your to good
    WOW man this is, WOW ;D
    could you send this please on ??
    i would so apriciate that

    @fatalkastrofa, u have this beat ??

  6. the bass on this was perfect

    @dzk, hi , hav maby this bit ??

  7. Awsome beat man!! any chance you could send it to my e-mail?

    @romansoldi3r, sory have maby this beat ???

  8. Is there not a way i can by this beat!! :o

    @nicauri, sory have this beat maby ?

  9. yo this beat is hard. i cant download it? for all u up n coming producers who wants a underground east coast bx spitter to kill a track.

    @bxdblk, u have this beat ?

  10. this beat is crazy… violins and hiphop are the perfect match.. ive been on this site for a while and never put any of my songs on here…. this will be my 1st post of many.. stay tuned and get on the wagon… eli wyatt… spittin on youtube.. eli wyatt 420… no call no show,, all shadowville beats.. check me out.. haha.. main point… this beat is dope and im inspired

    @eliwyatt, sory have you this beat maby ?

  11. Cosign with Hasitat. Dayuumm this is fire.

    @roy razor, have maby this bit ??

  12. to mi się podoba!!! Genialny bit! :)

    @aldekano, aldekano chyba twój mail nie doszedł ; ( Byś był tak miły i czy byś sprawdził czy
    wysłałeś na dobry adres ?? SQICZI@WP.PL ( )

    @aldekano, To jak bd miał tego bita bo w sumie nie wiem czy mam szukac dalej ???

    @aldekano, siemano , masz może jeszcze ten bit ??

    @idacz, mysle ze gdzies go mam, chyba ze juz go zdobyles?

    @aldekano, nie , nie stety nikt mi nie wysłal a pisalem do wszytkich z tego forum. Bys był tak miły i podesłał go na mojego maila ? Pozdro

    @idacz, Bede bardzo , bardzo wdzięczny ; )

    @idacz, wyslane;]

    @idacz, dzisiaj Ci wysle wieczorem.

    @idacz, ato jak będzie z tym bitem ? jesteś w stanie go wysłac czy nie za bardzo ?

  13. This beat doesn’t need any lyrics! Sick shit!

  14. Normally I would like this kind of beats, but I don’t this time.
    Great work on the drumtrack and bassline though. Much love for your hard work!

    @hotdogg, hi , have maby this bit ?

  15. Great beat. What’s the sample?

    @flocab, sory have maby this beat ?

  16. Daamn, this goes hard. this dope fa real

    @big hit buda, sory , have maby this bit ?

  17. Need to know if you work with artist as far as purchasing your beats or do you want all money of front

    @maahwarlamad, have maby this bit ??

  18. sweet beat dude. real funky

    @herby100, have you maby this beat ??

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