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Don't Stop

Jan 20 2011 | BPM: 122 | Producer: Tristan
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11 Feedback

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Uplifting electro club beat and driving bassline with synth chords over heavy pop drums.

Genres: Club, Pop

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11 Feedback to “Don't Stop”

  1. What the structure of this?

  2. it’s like we r who we r by ke$ha

  3. Hi tristan !
    I would like to buy this beat , but If I spend 39,99$ I, can I put this beat in SIAE? (PROTECTION ITALIAN MUSIC).

  4. I really love the melody. Brings me back to the days I was playing with eJay. ^^

    @hotdogg, Oh damn! And a nice… Bridge(?).

    @hotdogg, Yeah that would be a bridge on the 3rd verse.

  5. Tristan u crack me up. U either in kill-a-motha fucka mode or kick it like a ma fucka mode. Lol . I’m zonin listenin 2 it and it stop at 3:00, I’m like wtf why that stop? then BAM it come back slammin. This is a hot beat bro!

  6. OMG nice beat. perfect pop/rap beat. it sounds like one of keshas beats. PLESE MORE:))))

    @omeo101, i was thinking kesha in the beginning also lol

    @omeo101, thats exactly what i was thinking lol im like listning to we are who we r instrumental n this at the same time,, but its different haha but still i was damn, this sounds the exact same almost

    @stuckey, I was inspired by We r Who We r for this. It has a similar progression for sure.

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