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Ain't No Sunshine

Feb 06 2011 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Adamack
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21 Feedback

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East coast vibe beat with a soulful, string sample over classic hip hop drums.

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21 Feedback to “Ain't No Sunshine”


  2. Mop Deep !!! My absolutely favorite Beat of him !
    Ya , You got it :D

  3. you coulda done more with this man, make a hook or a bridge, even the verses sound too repetitive.. this has potential for greatness though

  4. Thank you so much for the beat Adamack, greatly appreciate it. Me and my homie remixed it, check it out!

  5. i raped the botton replay ;D

    @fatalkastrofa, Me too , This Beat is stilll !Bounce!

  6. was up Adamack check out my version to your beat.


  8. Adamack, how can i get a hold of you. I use your beats a lot. I have two song uploaded on fb so you know. Your beats are good. I love you. You are just my style yo.

  9. im glad he uploaded this because i barly found it today..i love this song and im glad it was made like this

  10. My bad, just read his post lol

  11. Okay, so either this guy re-released this beat, or he stole it, cuz iv had this exact same beat for over 3 years. wtf?

  12. I like my sample beat to this a little better.. But your mix is better..

  13. You’re a funny fella, Adamack. the majority of your beats is club and pop, which surely is good beats too, but just not my style. But every once in a fullmoon you’ll drop those beats with that “Underground” tag, or “Urban” tag, and i haven’t been dissappointed yet. Good job :D

  14. Thanks everyone. And yes I apologize, the beat is in fact old! Just figured I would put it up for those who may not have it yet.

    @Adamack, if you really wanna blow peoples minds away you got to put that track ” ya fell me!!” i purchased a download and people where blown away by it!!

  15. Motherfucking…. my god….. i got mad head banging on this ………
    ahahahha… i heard it for the 1st time…. siiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccck!!!

    ADMACK.. i love ur stuff man…. u got mad talent

  16. damn, I remember first hearing this beat ages ago, this is dope man, real good sample

  17. What does she sing?

  18. yeah man! Dats wat im talkin abwt. Sick beat adamack rules!

  19. this is ooooooold…did a track on this beat two years ago but still sick ass beat

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