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About To Fall (With Hook)

Feb 10 2011 | BPM: 89 | Producer: 2Deep
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30 Feedback

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Smooth piano and acoustic guitar beat with a laid back rimshot drum pattern. Hook by Cryptic Wisdom.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed, Sad

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30 Feedback to “About To Fall (With Hook)”

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  2. this track is so dirtyyyyyy


    Snypz & Sparka Ft Fizzy - Feeling Good

  5. this is my favorite by far the beat is ill and tha way tha hook is sang i would love to hear this with verses keep up tha good work

  6. Hot but not to real 4 a G lyke me

  7. is there a way to put my song up here

  8. i let people hear the song i did to it and they love it hope u dont mind you made it a hot beat i made it a hot song

  9. i put a hot hot song to this beat

  10. ok i have ..

    Sometimes it starts to feel like
    I’m standing on the edge about to fall
    Sometimes it starts to feel like
    I just can’t depend on you

  11. Can anyone write here the text from the hook? Im not perfect in listening, so my english isn’t perfect. Im Polish 18 :). For me its like : “Sometimes it start to feel ( or i started to feel? ) I can’t standing … dont know.. Please write it..

    Amazing beat! 2Deep you’re genius.

  12. What up 2deep much respect for your beats!!!! I’m using three of them, if the tracks are completed and legit, then i will buy them. Your doing what your giffted and meant to do in life. Keep it up.

  13. check us out at great beats for great prices, add us on facebook/acesbeatz get at us!

  14. I’m already using like 5 of your beats for my free-promotional mixtape…
    I hope that’s ok.
    This beat. Is bad. Ass.
    Keep it up!

  15. Is that Cryptic Wisdom on the hook? :D Other than that, dope beat. :)

    @B, yes it is :) thanks!

  16. Does it say “I can’t depend on me at all” or “I can’t depend on you at all”?

    @kidstunnerz, “on me” ;)

  17. just dropped the verse to it

    @joshuab, your flows are good and you might be off a little bit but not too much, i think the only real problem you have is emphasis, other then that keep doing ur thing

    @jaewhy, good lookin

    @joshuab, Gay, not once during da whole track were u on beat n wutz up wit dat shitty quality, wut u record wit a kmart mic

    @infantry, no but ur moma does and ur one opinion out of the thousands of good ones dont mean shit to me suc a fat hater dick an die have a nice day

    @joshuab, and my dog was scratching at my leg i was home using the one out of six computers i got i can say im new to this shit and i turned down two independent lables from my demo the first one wich i hardley circculated 10 copies all of the labels called back all encouraging me and wo talent scouts from interscope and sony bmg heard my shit they told me specifically do a show rock the crowd im in u dont know shit so stfu troll

    @joshuab, and is kmart open anymore who the fuck shops there wow i forgot kmart exsisted i go to an electronics store in case u dont know what that is.

  18. beats sick hooks beyond gay. How bad are these artists now that they need beats with hooks on them already? hey might as well give you the lyrics for the verses or have verses on the beats already right? Beats sick though.

    @Equipped, i got a hook

    I catch em by the hip lots of this bitches talk shit
    i know this one trick his name is equipped

    @Equipped, Do you consider eminem a bad rapper? Or Jayz or pac or biggie? Because I have some shattering news for you… THEY DIDN’T DO ALL THEIR OWN HOOKS. It has nothing to do with whether an artist is good or bad, sometimes someone else just does the hook better. If it angers you that much then download the beat without the hook. That’s why he uploaded it twice!

    @hasitat, i agree just this morning i got into flow mode with my tooth brush in mouth jotting down lines and they fit this beat

  19. 2 deep break free part 2 and with hook please

    about to fall (with hook)
    about to fall

    and break free I I )with hook)
    break free

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