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Party Starter

Feb 13 2011 | BPM: 124 | Producer: Tristan
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37 Feedback

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Upbeat electro pop beat loaded with arpeggio and lead synths.

Genres: Club, Pop

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37 Feedback to “Party Starter”

  1. Hey Tristan… Another question… what key is this in?

  2. @Tristan Hey man. Can I ask you bought this beat out? And have you ever created a beat to lyrics before? Cause this gay beat which I might add is amazing… F*** what that homophobe says!

  3. This beat is amazing. I wrote the chorus to it then Getting my girls BosCha, Lori, and Cajun Baby On it! BLCB!!!

  4. Yo Tristan You Should Send Me This Track. Would Appricaite It. :) Need Some New Work.

  5. if that verse back tone was highter it would be perfect (written something over it, very usher … but i cant sing)

  6. this might be da best beat tristan has made!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!! =D

  7. Hast to be one of the coldest beats i ever heard, very nice

  8. nice

  9. you better not ruin this one, you fucks

  10. i want to download this beat because i liked so much it’s amazing but i can’t can please someone help i want to download this one

  11. I recorded over this, haha. WHY DID YOU SELL IT! ell well, I mean, I gotta tritan I can re make it. Check it!

  12. i want this one and i think im going to get it :D

  13. good work Tristan, this sounds really awesome, got a nice pop yet hip-hop vibe to it. this is fell good music and i will def play this at one of my parties. check out my music man! i fucks with Shadowville mad heavy!

  14. this needs no lyrics. go play this in a club


  16. Great production and EQ, people hating down the line saying this sounds like just dance? Uhh like every other song on the radio…sounds like every other song on the radio…at least to me. Again the production on this track is spot on, and OF course songs sound the same. I Started off producing trance, house, electro etc…to people that don’t listen to it regularly all the tracks sound the same….to me everything for the most part sounds different. But you know what I don’t listen to hip hop, and too me that all sounds the same, so I know where they are coming from. Ok end rant, going to drop a song on the producer app which brought me to this track in the first place.

  17. this is bananas good shit tristan

  18. its fantastic rap with a very good french beat CHECK IT UP !!!

    @gpaul, lol, it’s German….

  19. Dope beat Tristan!!!

  20. Almost forgot!

  21. All you think this beat sounds like Just Dance say I….


  22. if u aint to busy wanted an opinion on a beat it starts at 10 sec

  23. this is cool but too many tags.

  24. Tristan is one of the best producers on Shadowville, by the way, what is the structure of this beat?

    @scottyyy_x, Starts on verse and the tag comes on the intro and before the hook on all my beats.

  25. you copy songs. maybe unintentionally, but you have to have heard,”better off alone” “hard in da paint” and “just dance” at some point.. Those are three songs that you have “accidentally” copied.

    @monkeemann, LMAO No bullshit man, I barely checked out a fair amount of tracks cuz a recording partner told me about this and theres some alright stuff but I take your word on this dudes wackish shit, this beat is way too similar to the fucking Usher- Dj got us fallin in love beat to think its that tight or original. bitches at parties love those, LMAO at this dude and others acting like they dont copy parts of beats one notch from a t and pass it off as fresh, sampling new shit is sad and retarded thats why no one does it unless its a complete cover or remix type thing. I’m ALL against this type of shit and people need to know this demented weak bs. You try to jam that type of shit, yours will get called on by real heads as myself and all there is to do is act stupid, seen it plenty. Good catch though dude haha, seriously there needs to be more originality, those beats mostly fare well on mixtapes, and likely wouldnt do you good on an album in terms of creativity and just overall style. Only gullible types that either have a bad ear, dont hear too much of their peers iwork and also legit buzz in their craft like theyre supposed to, whatever, hand out green for those kinda beat, lmao i guess that could be both a good and a bad thing, thats the truth

    @monkeemann, What does this sound like?

    @Tristan, it sounds almost just like just dance by lady gaga. a gay ass song. the only difference is like one note

    @monkeemann, Get your ears checked dude. This sounds NOTHING like Just Dacne.

    @Tristan, either way you want to argue the tiny details, its similar, and reminds me of, a gay song. but whatever, ill forget about this gay beat cause ill never want to hear it again. but when you are making beats please god think about whether or not it sounds too much like another song!! remember when someone called you out on copying better off alone? that was for real. and you pretty much copy hard in da paint by wocka flocka flamer. but trap beats are pretty easy to make anyways so thats gonna happen eventually. heres my youtube channel. leave some hate :) some of my beats are old, or unfinished, and also some are electronic and not rap. but have fun.

    @Tristan, your a fucking idiot. it does. the melody does. its changed a little bit. but your just saying no because i called you out. i remember watching you reply the same way to someone calling you out on basically copying better off alone. your so stupid. your as stupid as the guys who buy your beats, which is who? brokencyde only/

    @monkeemann, It doesn’t sound like Just Dance, they just both use that techno style. If anything this would be a Just Dance Remix. But, I do have to question some of his other beats..

    @monkeemann, I make pretty good money off beats, I just don’t choose to do the industry side of things because I’ve been exposed to it and it’s something I don’t like because it involves too much relationship building and giving away beats for free before you get paid.

    Regardless this beat sounds NOTHING like just dance. This melody is based off of half chords where Just Dance is a single not melody and this beat has a steady driving bassline.

    The only thing that even resembles Just Dance is the snare. Also please link me to some of your music, I’d love to give you a review in return.

    @Tristan, is thaht Tru3

    @lil flo rapstar, ya he does like almost all of the songs on brokencydes new album

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