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No One But You

Mar 01 2011 | BPM: 72 | Producer: Slantize
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28 Feedback

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Soft piano and string melody with a bit of choirs, organs, harps, and synths over slow but strong big acoustic drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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28 Feedback to “No One But You”

  1. i’m gonna buy this beat


  3. Hi im glad you made this track my son and I wrote a song to this track and I dedicated it to my husband who is no longer with us. The verses are unfinished my son has stopped working on it but I’ve completed the hook and I kept the title almost the same “No one else but you” Its only our 1st rough lay down i hope you love this as we do. :) I would like to buy the rights to this but cant afford it just yet, Ive also just uploaded this on youtube so you can hear what ive done once you have i will take it down. Please let me know what you think and if its worth me buying the licence. I also made a video clip for it but thats kinda private right now and im not ready for anyone to see it. Take Care God bless p.s…. I didnt know any other way for you to hear the track…

    Not sure if the link worked so here it is again

  4. Amazing

  5. dang , what are the chords for this ?

  6. This sounds a whole lot like a Bruno Mars song

  7. Good job man!!!!!

  8. 5 stars, A++, few songs inspire me to write over them but that’s what I’m doing right now.

    Just for future reference (as I’m waiting on a cheque/check) how much would you sell this beat for?

  9. 5

  10. This is good…

  11. dinliyerem gud luck

  12. Yo Slantize, This Beat was so Dope I got hook figured instantly after hearing it and everything came easy! Check out what I did on it and tell me what ya think! and thank god some hater talked shit on your beat.. thats how ya know it was good!
    Subscribe if ya like it!

  13. Nice One Slant!!!

  14. beats ok. only reason alot of thes epeople like it is because its made by slant. feel like slants stuck in the past. very generic sounding instruments with an ok mix. 2.5/5

  15. i did a lil track to this 4 this girl that got cheated on.. check it out, crazy beat tho good job.

  16. Smooth sweetness drips from this tune, into a crystal gold goblet waiting to be tasted. Somebody gonna buy this track fo sho. Mad props to you Slantize.

  17. this beat rifa homie

  18. Simply amazing! Love tha violin work.

  19. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat

    @prosspect, Yo I like that you speak the word of God in your music. I appreciate that alot. I would love to do a track with you man. Or have you do a hook for me. I have no money or nothin cus Im a new father and that where all my money goes too, but if you want check my music dude. . Much love bruh

  20. masterpiece ! 5/5

  21. DAMN, another masterpiece Slant, excellent work on the pianos and drums. Simply put this is a hit right here as are all your others.

  22. Bout time Captain, 5/5 easily

  23. Very nice, especially the drums, except the violin, maybe you should use another VSTi. No offense, but I’m just sayin’ this cause the rest of the beat sound really clean and professional, but the violin kinda mess it up (Just my opinion).

  24. DUDE! FINALLY! Dont do that to me again Slantize, you har me?? Ha jk dude good to see your back at it, Now stay at it please and thank you

  25. this is trademark Slantize, nice to see you back bro

  26. it’s too late to apologize….

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