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Who I Am (With Hook)

Mar 09 2011 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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74 Feedback

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Slow, serious beat with deep pianos, strings, and synths over acoustic drums. Hook by Ashleigh Munn. Produced by Mart85.

Genres: East Coast, Pop, Urban

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74 Feedback to “Who I Am (With Hook)”

  1. I purchased this instrumental some years back. right now while im trying to put the track up on a website (soundcloud) they pull it off because of (copyrightissues) i’ve tried to dispute it but got no where. cant find the license agreement i got with my purchase because my old pc crashed and i was unable to uncover certain things. is there any way to help me out with that??? i’ve bought a decent amount of beats off of you guys through your website and would like to continue btw. keep it up


  3. this song gets me so motivated and goes perfect with some lyrics I already have plus it’s so easy to write to… Ive had this song on “my tracks” for a little bit now but because it is lease only haven’t thought about it much…but today I just realized it was made in 2011!??! Why has someone not made this a hit yet??? I seriously figured I’d hear it on the radio and it would be sold to someone soon but after seeing how long it has been available…I am going to make this my first purchase from shadowville and this song WILL have its day!! Peace

  4. Pauze32 spit it from the heart

  5. check it out, help a nigga out tell me how to improve maybe? and atomic beats I didn’t alter anything it came short but thank you for putting this beat up it was fucking dope!

  6. LOVE THE MOST OF ATOMIC BEATZ !!!! AND ASHLEIGH…. by the way thats exactly she sings ? Greetz

  7. Hey atomic beats!! One of your best beats!! Sounds like an eminem type beat….definitely a hit…hey man….If I purchase a licence, can i get an acapella of the hook?……and by the way what software did you use to make this beat?

    @irfah, You can get hook only if you purchase trackouts for it to
    And we mostly use FL studio to make a ProTools to mix the beat

  8. ima get this one day hopfully, iv downloaded it and played it like 100 times alrdy.

  9. I wish i wasnt poor. :(

  10. Hey Atomic Beats! If I purchase a “licence,” is it possible to get an acapella of just the hook?

    @k-milk, sorry for the late reply. If you purchase a licence (any licence), and get the “track separation” option, you will receive the acapella of the hook :)

  11. hey guys , im from poland i meake rap there (its funny , but true ;] ) Looking for someone too meake a song together … soz for my english :P write on

  12. If yall could take the time to listen to my version of this track that would be awesome. Posting this other places is also greatly appreciated.

  13. im use this one for my album check me out

  14. The latest music video to hit the web. Check it out.

  15. love da beat. i put 3 verses n a bridge on it. my version’s called “my rhymes, my story”. let me know what u think

  16. I’ma simple kinda man and i’ve always been this way//I dont expect too much and i dont ask for no change//I dont blast out no names,and i dont flash if im playin//I mastered the game so im past snatchin ya dames//I dont need to prove no points but i do it for the game///i dont wanna sound selfish but i could do wit alittle fame//if ya knew what i was sayin,you could do wit alittle of the same//i need to be doin some things like fuckin cruisin wit dat range//Hooked up,dubbed out, wit some boomin ass bass///ooh if you knew all the thangs dat i could do wit a bank// account dat aint froze cuz i owe like two and some change//i could do it again just in a whole new little way//so who goes to ay i wouldnt change who i am?//so who would i stay me or some new little man///ooh my fam aint gonna reconize who dat i am//if i change my ways who will understand i ran from who i am/////

    @bulistik70, its ayt

  17. check this out

  18. dope beat and amazing hook! check out the video for my version…

    @braains, good shit bro.

  19. track i just posted using ur beat.
    much repsect man…

  20. Check it out.. respect

  21. Such a sick beat and there must be like 30 version on youtube or more so I’m feeling that many agree!!!! HUGE PROPS TO ATOMIC BEATS FOR THIS MASTER PIECE : ) and if anyone has time check out my jam to this on my you tube channel and subcscribe if you like it thanks
    Peace Pays
    Jimmy Rock


  22. check my reverbnation

  23. check out tha reverbnation bro…
    made a song to this beat ..
    its called Who I Am by YCSE

  24. Nice Job Bro . could you name the VSTi(s) you used in this song ???? im really wondered

  25. You got talent bro!!!

  26. What say on hook?

    @theuartist, This life, it is my story
    Got to tell them, don’t ignore me
    I drove these roads, and walked these streets
    A thousand times
    And as the days go by
    I always try to be who I am
    To be who I am
    To be who I am

  27. check it…………..


    Used the beat. Enjoy!

  29. hey atomic beats i got a question once you’ve sold the beat to someone else could i still buy it i hope so because i wrote something to it that i believe is going to take me places & put your beat on the map its just a matter of time though

    @davon, sorry for the late reply, haven’t checked the comments for this beat in a long time lol… And the track is still available, so you can get a blanket licence if you’re still interested.

  30. hey atomic beats your beat is really good but i really need to get the little voice that says “atomic beats” out. Do you know how to take that out?? im doing this song for the talent show and i dont want that sounding while im rapping so is there anyway you could either edited and send it to me to my email?? please respond and ill give you my email.

  31. Dammmmmmnnn I’m dangerously in love with dis beat……u are goin places dude……

  32. takie tam studio - dom hehe:D

  33. Good

  34. Great quality beats, keep up the good work.

  35. I know English ain’t my real language and it’s easy to hear, but try listen to this AtomicBeats, maybe we could figure someting out?


  36. wow,sombody is going to buy it! sure!!!

    @loeklodewijck, Thx but it is going to be a promo album. 100% free.

  37. Thank God. Now I have a track where I don’t have to rap about my skills. Hahaha. It’s good to change it up every now and then. Not pointing any fingers but….,


    used this beat 4 my mixtape

  40. I would ask you to write text in the chorus? Thank you very much

    @stolar, lyrics are already posted below…

  41. prod. by Mart85? that Eminem mixtape was sick man =)

    @cmliedtke, lol thanks :) good to see some people remember it

  42. love this beat Atomic! I have 2 problems with your beats, 1, being the obvious tags, i know that when you buy the beat you get it without tags, but ass it has been said, your tags do ruin your beats., there all at random and there are far to many. 2, iv downloaded almost all of your beats (with hooks) and i have to say on all of them, the hooks are fairly quiet in proportion to the beat, still hearable, but id make them slightly louder. that beaing said, i do love your beats and the hooks are great. but if you can, please please please consider being abit more considerate to *not so wealth* MC’s on here and place your tags appropriatly! thanks man!

  43. here is rap and beat with a very beautuful Hook please chek it

    @gpaul, sounds good man. I can’t understand all the words but sounds good ;) Peace

  44. great beat but can you release it with out the hook please? THANK YOU

    @cr6xplicit, yeah, the version without the hook will be uploaded soon (a few days), and thanks!

  45. This track is SERIOUS!!!! Love this track!

  46. this beat’s dope man one of my favorites on here. did you sample that hook? if so what’s the name of the original song?

    @the original beasto, No, all our hooks are original AtomicBeats “creation”

  47. Your beats and hooks are always good (minus what your man can’t do) You always have that spark that makes a artist write. The tags are terrible man…you should limit them to like 1 or 2….not everybody can afford to purchase, and want to do shiz for a mixtape.

    @bumblebeekilla, i understand but… We do this for years (6 or 7) we did ALOT free stuff but we can’t afford to give free beats anymore. Not everyone can afford… Yeah but all those hooks are expensive, studio time is expensive, guitar/bass/drum players are expensive….etc So without money we can’t even produce anything, so yeah if someone can’t afford 39,99 our beats are not for them…

  48. Great beat, awful tags.

    @youngziggy, There is no tags at all when you purchase it…;)

    @Atomic Beats,

    I understand that dawg but I’m poor as hell, 1 or 2 tags at the beginning and end I understand so you get your credit and word of mouth etc but in the middle of a hook makes it unusable. I would understand that on your personal website or something but Shadwoville used to be THE place for free beats, nowawadays you’ve only got a few producers who tag fairly and whose beats can be used.

    @youngziggy, hey man i’m not being funny but you say your poor as hell yet you can afford a computer and an internet connection to be able to download the beat in the first place.As for the soundtags thing,yeah it is annoying but surely you can see why the producers do it,they’re just protecting their work,nothing wrong with that.

    @youngziggy, so make ur own

    @youngziggy, Lol sorry *Shadowville, ridiculous fail on my part.

    @youngziggy, Real talk time. You need to direct your frustration to artists who use beats and give no credit, artists who sell their songs on beats without a license, and wannabe producers who try to sell or pass of these beats at their own. Be grateful that I didn’t decide to terminate the download button altogether because of these types of people.

    @Slantize, ur right Slant!!!!

  49. This song is sad and inspiring all wrapped up into one. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  50. love it!
    can i have hook lyrics please?

    @trip1212, thanks! And here are the lyrics

    This life, it is my story
    Got to tell them, don’t ignore me
    I drove these roads, and walked these streets
    A thousand times
    And as the days go by
    I always try to be who I am
    To be who I am
    To be who I am

    @Atomic Beats,
    Yo man I want buy this track for the single and also shoot a video for it, but the thing I don’t only want the beat but the singer on it…how does that work? Is it possible to do so?

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