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Mar 09 2011 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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22 Feedback

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Eerie synths over brass and pizzicato string arpeggios with electric guitars over heavy 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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22 Feedback to “Crawlin'”


  2. here is rap and beat with a very beautuful Hook please chek it

  3. sick sh*t, your a nasty producer my dude

  4. yo enzo, why do u always get the hatred?? I always see you beefin with the people here :D hahahaha
    EVEN I love your beats! As commercial as they are, theres nothing NOT to like about em. Sure, they might not be sombody style, but you gotta give credit for the quality, and creativity of the production man! Like ive always said, your my favorite south producer. Most of your shit is just RAWWWW.
    I respect everybodys opinion, so heres mine…, ENZO RULES THE FIELD HE PLAYS! Keep it up bro! But change your name back to ENZO, its so much cooler than being a hamburger hahaha ;) - 2Deep

    @The Unbeatables, lol to me criticism is fine, i’m used to it. but they want to make bullshit comments like “i dont like your beats very much” and call that criticism and expect me not to say somethin back. Not to mention the dude that said somethin is about as pathetic as they come on here.

    He’s the same type that votes 1star on all of my shit. but yall know what? the people that do that type of shit, these fuckin kids that have nothin better to do, they aren’t paying customers. they’re douchebags who saw 8mile and now they think they can rap.

    @Beatg33kz, Haha nicevery nicel. Act like you know everything.

    @bumblebeekilla, Go rott in a gutter please…

    @The Unbeatables, sent from the Unbeatables account on accident…
    - 2Deep

  5. I dont even have to ask. I KNOW your from TEXAS..
    this beat goes hard

    Follow @SouthernSound

  6. @bumblebee
    i try to steer clear of beats you might “feel”, i wouldn’t want you “feeling” it too much and killing yourself over it

    @Beatg33kz, if you can’t stand criticsm then you will not make it in the music buisness. Instead of talking shit back to me, you should just be like ”oh a hater? no big deal” but yeah just thought you should know that i don’t like your beat.

    @bumblebeekilla, this coming from the guy who posted a thread about killing himself.

    I listen to criticism every day, your post however was not criticism.

    “I don’t like your beats very much” is something you would expect from a 12 year old, and it’s possible you are 12, or at least act that way.

    and what the FUCK do you know about the music business?
    Hope your usb mic is strong enough to support your body weight. cheers

    @Beatg33kz, Ok well I don’t want to ”fight” or ”argue” over this. Keep up with the beatmaking but this one is not a banger.

    @bumblebeekilla, This is full of lulz

  7. If y’all can’t feel these beats, it means you ain’t got the skill to spit on ‘em.

    @Flowman, Not my style of beat, I give harsh criticsm if I ain’t feeling it. When I said I don’t like his beats…is more of a way of me saying he should do a better job. And about as you, your just a ”hype” ”mainstream rapper” so get off my nutz. kthxbye.

    Real talk, son - this ‘hype’ ‘mainstream rapper’ will rap circles around you in ANY STYLE you choose any day of the week. Pick a beat on this site, ANY STYLE YOU PREFER and I guarantee I’ll make the better song. Besides, how is calling me a ‘hype’ ‘mainstream rapper’ an insult or slur? Thanks for the compliment.

  8. Damn! This shit is nasty as fuck Todd! Fuck the haters that say your beats suck.. You make some of the DOPEST shit on SVP imo.. Keep doing your thing man!! 5/5

  9. I don’t like your beats very much

    @bumblebeekilla, thats ok dreamkilla.. nobody likes you very much either so your opinion really dosn’t matter you homo..

    @Strife Divine, And you telling me ”nobody likes me” doesn’t matter either!

  10. SICK .. thats all i can say,, MOTERHFUCKING SICK

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