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Freak For The Weekend

Mar 17 2011 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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13 Feedback

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Smooth, sexy guitars and atmospheric pads with music box bells over slow, heavy 808 drums.

Genres: R&B

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13 Feedback to “Freak For The Weekend”

  1. your beat is clean as fuck

  2. I love this beat but why do the tag gotta be on it I mean other producers put their tag on it but its not annoying as 9 diamonds that why I never use his stuff…but anyways this is a great beat though

  3. It Would Be Tight Without The Tags On It No Lie I Can Kill A Beat Like This Jus Singing And If Anyone Tries To Bring A Rap To This, DON’T

  4. OMG i wish the tag wasnt on this beat

  5. does anyone know how i can get this beat without the tags on it? just straight instrumental?


  7. sample nga

  8. killer another one…

  9. @kmx210, you are

  10. well im here to put the dope to the beat just look out for it

  11. beautiful and sexy and top notch.

  12. First heard some of his stuff on soundclick. This is the best beat I’ve heard thus far very smooth, nice melody, def has potential with some dope writing.

  13. I can honestly say Nine is nowhere near one of my favorite producers, usually dont like nines beats but this beats very nice! ella sexy! i like the bells and that super simple guitar! sometimes simplicity really is the key! 4/5!

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