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Get Back To You (With Hook)

Mar 27 2011 | BPM: 69 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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17 Feedback

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Emotional strings, pads, and synths with a slow, smooth vibe. Hook by Young Quis.

Genres: R&B

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17 Feedback to “Get Back To You (With Hook)”

  1. i love this beat and the hook with it you did a great job on this wish this beat was mines
    so i can sing over it lol. keep up the great work

    @quesy, watch this

  2. what are the lyrics for the hook

  3. Pls Reupp

    @musicbeatz, watch this

  4. I Killed This Beat Months Ago BOUGHT My Tag Free Version And Everything:)

    @semimoto, tag free versions :)

    @Nine Diamond, yea i defo leased more than 20 nine beats lol:)

  5. nice beat but i had this beat like two months ago

  6. Tags arent the problem. I just want you to know I can never use any of your new beats no matter how much I want, because of that bubblegum shit. I mean it’s hilarious, but when im trying to make a heartfelt track, and thats there it’s all messed up

    @themessage, co sign

  7. You never used to put so many tags on your beats. Anyways good beat regardless minus the hook.

  8. First off I gotta say I’m a huge fan, but I cant help but notice since you drop’d
    ”Till the morning” tag free an I killed it, the tags have become the norm on your stuff.
    an rhyme to that rythym?

  9. I understand tags completely, but I think you should change it to something else that doesn’t drag out like this one does ya know? Like “9 Diamond” or something kind of quick but still noone can steal it from you. Definitely a good beat, but I couldn’t use it for a mixtape with a tag like that. (Not hating, just a suggestion from a fan/artist)

  10. Agree with the two people below, tags are ridiculous, though I’ll wait for the “your cheap” brigade to show up and slate me lol.

  11. hate the tags so damn much dont even wanna listen to the whole thing. i know ur puttiin em on here to sell, but your stuff gets out on more sites than just shadowville. alot of ur sales come from ppl downloading them and using them and ppl like it and either a listiner or the one who made a song to it will buy it, but nobody will ever use this free beat.

  12. dawg, what the HELL is up with these tags!

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