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Ghetto Blues

Apr 03 2011 | BPM: 81 | Producer: Smoke
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16 Feedback

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Laid back beat with sad piano and soulful wah guitars over steady hip hop drums.

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16 Feedback to “Ghetto Blues”

  1. Comprar Cialis Plata medication ivermectin 3mg

  2. love it,writing lyrics as we speak,

  3. dang, this ones pretty good, working on some lyrics for this one

  4. look here cuddie i just made this song to this beat. Is there anyway i can get in touch with you

  5. Dude amazing beat. You mind if I rap over it?

  6. nice beat


  8. nah guys just some whiney twat who posts that in every video cause if he attempted anything close to this he’d fail pathetically.

  9. Sounds like another Troll beat. 4 the punk ass trolls here on svp will love it, I say it sucks dick

    @dok holmes always, yet you’ll take the time to comment O.o…

  10. Hell yea smoke….i had a song written but didnt have a beat to it, and this is perfect…

    Keep em commin, i love ur beats Smoke 5/5

  11. When te refren begin and end? Nice beat!

  12. ohhh!!…i can sooo hear 2pac and the outlawz on this…..contrary to popular belief they’re “blues rappers” at heart..not gangsta or hardcore rappers, this is a perfect beat to them… dude!!…this is the sickest beat on this site

  13. so goood, wrote this to it. real inspiring!

  14. This is Classic.. Good job mayne this is a banga i gotta get a lease..

    Follow @SouthernSound

  15. first time ever posting something on this shit honestly huge fan of sinima beats but this one out of all the beats is killing it for me might have to actually buy this one

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