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Speechless (With Hook)

Apr 10 2011 | BPM: 102 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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28 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Uptempo R&B track with catchy synth lead melody and gated pads. Hook by Houston.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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28 Feedback to “Speechless (With Hook)”

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  3. Damn bro this sh** is off the chain I listened
    and I felt something in music like this that I haven’t heard in a long time. But if you could
    make it available again It would mean a lot. The sound and the voice all just seem to
    fall into each other like caramel But I’m impressed by this one very well done.

  4. Lyrics please ?

  5. Hello ! I’m french, I’ve a important question, it’s possible to make a commercial using with this hook ? I don’t speak english very well I’m sorry.

  6. i rather do my own hook” but the beat is tight, i love it

  7. fuck the haters, this beat is bomb
    props bro

  8. here is a new music video with a great beat, if you want I can send you the beat for free

    @gpaul, yeah thats pretty sick i wouldnt mind spittin a 16 on that.

  9. I dont got a problem wit auto tune but if ya people can sing then make some pure real shit, not that synthesized garbage for EVERY hook…witout auto tune will make it so much better…well if they can sing that is lolll

    @dafstylez, Word Homie, 100% real is where is at!

  10. Gj, this is nice! =)
    Lyrics of the hook??

  11. Good hook and beat, but the fucking tags dude…seriously? you never used to have so many in your songs. And the it’s time to buy beats and chew bubblegum shit is so unoriginal lol.

    @rampage503, One thing ur so right on is that chewing bubble gum crap on hot beats like this, its reggiesque. lol

    @rampage503, its only 40 bucks to remove the tags. dont be cheap pay for what you want.

    @broncos0402, I know this but i like writing a song before i lease a beat so that way I know people are going to like it. Can’t do that with this beat anyways thanks but no thanks kid now get off my dick

    @rampage503, Homie what a douch attitude, ur negativity wont get u far in the art of songwriting and artistic expression. Its all about shining bright and not being a dimmed ass lame reggie grass badboy wannabe. CHILL UP! or shut u, broncos right, u can still write and get a feel for it with the tags, but with that attitude I doubt ur any good, u most likely a wack rapper lyricist like 90% out there. You can’t even cough up 40 dollars to invest in your artfor, I rest my case. lol

  12. Hey bro your tracks are amazing keep up all the good work. I liked it so much i bought a license and got the track separation i wanted to ask i run pro tools 7. Is it compatible with what you run? get back at me please thanks.

    @broncos0402, always happy to see others buying beats

    @semimoto, Thanks bro!! Same To You!! Hey im having trouble figuering out
    What the hook says can you help me out?

    @broncos0402, hey broncos, i wont be able to send your tracked session
    intill the 17th, i apologize, the co producer has the session and is currently
    out of town

    @Nine Diamond, It’s amazing how some underground producers make so much better music than the famous ones. It’s bafflin.

    @Nine Diamond, allthough it might get you more leases as people will run to lease the beat as they cringe when they hear that popish chewing bubble gum bit over ur hot beats, so perhaps it’s a genius marketing move on ur part. lol :)

    @Nine Diamond, PS. 9D just some feedback; the chewing bubble gum tag takes away from ur legendary style of instrumentals, it’s just not hip-hop, it’s to puppy, otherwise like I said the rest is just great 10/10. lol

    @Nine Diamond, I am a BIG Fan of your instrumentals, thanks for the inspiration, I’m gonna lease this super babe tonite. Your tracks have def helped my songwriting and rapping skillz. Thank’s again Bro.

    @Nine Diamond, thats kool bro thanks tho. do you have a email that i can get you at?

    @broncos0402, bro

  13. love it 5/5

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